DJ Alok vs Clu: Which Free Fire character is better for strategic gameplay?

DJ Alok vs Clu: Which Free Fire character is better for strategic gameplay (Image via Sportskeeda)
DJ Alok vs Clu: Which Free Fire character is better for strategic gameplay (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Strategy is key to victory in Free Fire. Being able to outplay opponents is 50% of the work done. While weapons are invaluable to success, battles can sometimes be won by firing only a few shots.

However, strategy is not just warfare. It ties into character abilities as well. Knowing which one to use during a match is crucial. Two of the most strategic characters are DJ Alok and Clu.


Their abilities open up numerous tactical options for players in Free Fire. One offers instant healing and speed boosts, while the other can detect enemies nearby and reveal their position. Which one is better? Read on to find out.

Note: All abilities are at the characters' maximum level.

A detailed comparison of DJ Alok and Clu in Free Fire

DJ Alok's ability


DJ Alok's 'Drop the Beat' ability enables players to recover HP and provides a speed boost. Teammates within the 5-meter aura will receive a 15% boost to movement speed and recover 5 HP/second. The ability lasts for 10 seconds, followed by a 45 second cooldown.

Clu's ability


Clu's 'Tracing Steps' ability enables players to locate nearby enemies. When activated, it can detect opponents who are not prone or in a squat position. It has an effective range of 70 meters and lasts for 7.5 seconds with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

DJ Alok in combat


In combat, DJ Alok's primary role is support. His ability allows the team to move faster and heal on the go. This is vital when pushing the enemy team or trying to escape.

Clu in Combat


In combat, Clu's primary role is that of a scout. Using her ability, enemies can be located with ease. This allows players to plan their next move and prepare accordingly. If used correctly, players will never be ambushed in Free Fire.



DJ Alok and Clu have very distinct abilities in Free Fire. If used correctly, they both have valuable strategic benefits in-game.

However, if comparing their uses in battle, DJ Alok does have an advantage. His ability to heal and provide a movement boost every 45 seconds is invaluable in combat. It can be used to keep the squad alive.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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