Fact Check: Do Free Fire hacks work without being banned?

Users who get caught cheating receive a ban sooner or later (Image via Garena)
Users who get caught cheating receive a ban sooner or later (Image via Garena)
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A few mobile games have received global recognition, and Garena Free Fire is one such title. It is a tactical shooter that offers a long line-up of features with low-end minimum system requirements. Still, the massive active userbase makes it challenging to register progress in the game with a subpar skill-set.

The emergence of the esports landscape and in-game "Rank" systems have further ensured that the competition among gamers doesn't die. However, the difficulty levels of the popular BR shooter have also led to the emergence of a plethora of hacks and cheats, which many players use for unfair advantage in the game.

Garena Free Fire: Hacks can lead to account suspensions in the game

Hacks are obviously unjust, and they damage the fair gaming environment. Thus, developers have ensured that hackers don't get much in-game action, and the number of suspensions has consistently gone up. Garena's anti-hack system recognizes and bans any accounts with unusual activity.

Developers have also clarified their stance on the anti-hack FAQs featured on the FF Support website. Here's how they punish the cheaters in the game:

"Free Fire has a zero-tolerance policy against cheating. We will permanently ban their accounts used for cheating. Devices used for cheating will also be banned from playing Free Fire again using any other accounts."

Thus, it is clear that if anyone uses hacks in the game, sooner or later, their account will receive a suspension. The hacks increase with each update as cheaters develop new methods and loopholes, but developers have also ensured that the hackers don't go unchecked.


Hence, players should avoid doing anything that may bring them under the scanner and consequently ban them from the game. They can take a look at the following practices that are deemed illegitimate and may lead to account suspensions in FF or FF MAX:

  • Use of unauthorized or modified game clients.
  • Installation and use of any unauthorized tool or software that influences gameplay by interacting with the FF game client.
  • Employing non-official gameplay booster tools.
  • Modifying the game's model files.
  • Repeatedly utilizing the in-game bugs and glitches for unfair gameplay advantage.
  • Getting mass-reported for unfair gameplay by fellow gamers.
  • Getting detected by the anti-hack systems after showcasing abnormal gameplay skills (due to hacks).
  • Bypassing or breaching Garena's anti-hack system.

Apart from the practices mentioned above, here are some of the most popular hacks in Garena Free Fire that users should avoid:

  • Diamond Hack - Receiving an abnormal amount of diamonds without processing any transaction in the game.
  • Head shot only - Scoring a headshot with each hit.
  • Location tracker/Map hack - Tracking the movement/location of the opponents.
  • One Hit-Kill - Claiming kills in a match with one shot.
  • Translucent Bullets - Considerable decrease in bullets' visibility.
  • Ultra-Fast Movement/Speed Hack - An abnormal increase in movement speed that helps cover the map in a few seconds.
  • Wall Hack - Users, become capable of sitting inside the walls and rocks with no hindrance in the vision. They can also shoot across the walls while spotting enemies.

Free Fire players should not use any of these hacks and report fellow users if they are getting any unfair advantage with the methods mentioned above.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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