FAU-G vs Free Fire: Controls, graphics, gameplay, and game modes compared

Comparing FAU-G and Free Fire
Comparing FAU-G and Free Fire

While Free Fire is one of India's most sought-after BR titles, FAU-G is India's first war game developed by the Bangalore-based company nCore Games.

Yesterday, the beta version or the Early Access version of FAU-G's Multiplayer mode was released, which players can download from Google Play Store.

This article analyzes the controls, graphics, gameplay style, and game modes of FAU-G and Free Fire to compare these two titles and determine which is better.

FAU-G vs Free Fire

Gameplay style


The gameplay style of FAU-G and Free Fire is the opposite. While Free Fire features the battle royale theme as the game's core concept, FAU-G is more of a storytelling, arcade-style based game. As per Google Play Store description:

"FAU-G pays tribute to the heroes of our nation's armed forces. FAU-G brings to life the thrill and adrenaline of a life spent guarding India's borders."

FAU-G's weaponry is also restricted to melee weapons, while on the other hand, Free Fire offers a plethora of guns in its arsenal to rain down bullets on the ground.

Loadout in FAU-G
Loadout in FAU-G

However, the FAU-G: Multiplayer beta version currently offers TDM (Team Deathmatch) matches to fight against each other with firearms.


The graphics of both Free Fire and FAU-G are of average quality. The frames and textures in these games are not heavily detailed. However, Free Fire offers a UHD gameplay experience with 60 FPS frame rates on mid-range devices.

FAU-G graphics settings
FAU-G graphics settings

FAU-G also provides 'Ultra' graphics with over 60 FPS frame rates on mid-range Android devices.

Gameplay modes

FAU-G currently has three gameplay modes available:

  • Campaign
  • Team Deathmatch (beta version)
  • Free For All (Not accessible)

However, as previously mentioned, FAU-G's multiplayer mode is in the beta testing stage and is yet to make it to the official release. The Team Deathmatch mode hosts a 5v5 battle where two squads fight against each other. The team to score maximum points wins the match.


Free Fire offers a much better variety in gameplay modes ranging from battle royale matches to Clash Squad fights. Here are the gameplay modes available in Free Fire:

Gameplay modes in Free Fire
Gameplay modes in Free Fire
  1. Ranked Game
  2. Clash Squad (Ranked, Bermuda Remastered, Classic)
  3. Classic (All maps)
  4. Pet Rumble


'controls' tab in Free Fire
'controls' tab in Free Fire

Free Fire provides several options such as Aim Precision, Quick Weapon Switch, Quick reload, Auto Switch gun, In-game tips, Auto-parachute, etc., in the 'Controls' tab, that can be turned on, off, or kept at default. Free FIre also offers a customizable layout for allocating buttons.

Sensitivity settings in BGMI
Sensitivity settings in BGMI

However, there are no layout customization options available in FAU-G, and players can only alter movement sensitivities, look sensitivity, look acceleration, and fire mode.

Verdict: Which is better?

Regarding better experience, graphics, advanced controls, and better gameplay modes, Free Fire is the clear winner.

The multiplayer beta version of FAU-G has many bugs and glitches with the D-pad and has specific aim control and layout options. However, the developers are constantly trying to fix these glitches to enhance the in-game experience of players in the future.

Note: This article reflects the opinion of the writer

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