Free Fire: 3 best shotguns in October 2020

Image Credits: Wallpaper Cave
Image Credits: Wallpaper Cave
Soumyajit Dutta

Garena Free Fire provides a unique and enjoyable experience to players thanks to its vast array of weapons, weapon skins, characters, pets, etc. The weapon categories in this game include ARs, SMGs, Sniper rifles, DMRs, and Shotguns.

Despite being the most lethal over close ranges, shotguns are looked down upon by gamers due to their reduced damage over long-distance combats.

However, with the right combination of weapons, these firearms can be monstrous. Free Fire's arsenal provides players with three shotguns to overcome enemies in close combat.

Although these weapons' abilities see an increment when paired with particular skins, in this article, we discuss the raw abilities of these three shotguns in this game.

Most potent shotguns in Free Fire

1) SPAS12

Image Credits: GameCheckup
Image Credits: GameCheckup

With a damage rate of 97 and an initial magazine capacity of five rounds of 12 gauge ammo, this weapon can knock down the enemy with a couple of blows over close range. The rate of fire of 42 for such a destructive weapon of single firing mode is decent for abusing opponents in a 1v1 close-range fight.

2) M1014

Image Credits: GameCheckup
Image Credits: GameCheckup

The M1014 is the shotgun with the most poise in the Free Fire armory. It has a fire rate of 38, an initial magazine capacity of six rounds, and a reloading speed of 20 to fill up the shells of 12 gauge ammo.

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With its decent range of 10 and damage of 94, it can put a few scratches on the enemy over mid-ranges and strike them down within a couple of shots while in close-range. The stability and firing speed is what gets players to opt for this gun in close combats.

3) M1887

Image Credits: GameCheckup
Image Credits: GameCheckup

The M1887 is a double-barrel shotgun with a slightly longer range than its other two brethren. It has a colossal damage of 100, a range of 21, and a reloading speed of 76, automatically gifting itself the tag of the most powerful beast.

It can take down an enemy in a single blow in a close-range fight. However, this gun has a magazine capacity of two shells, which brings about its downfall compared to the other shotguns available in Free Fire.

Note: The statistics of the shotguns discussed here are in their default raw state and these initial stats can be increased if skins with special abilities are equipped to the shotguns.

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