Free Fire: Best ways to use sniper rifles in the game

Image Credit: Tipsmake
Image Credit: Tipsmake
Rijit Banerjee

Garena Free Fire has a distinctive array of weapons to use in the game. Gamers are always in search of the perfect sniper rifle to use in games. Some people like to use Sniper Rifles the most, and are not into other types of guns.

Sniper Rifles are the weapons which deal the most DPS in any game. However, in contrast to their explosive power, they also takes a lot of skill to master. However, once you have mastered the fundamental concepts of using a sniper rifle, you can knock down any enemy with one shot of your sniper rifle.

There are a lot of sniper rifles to use in-game such as the AWM, KAR98K and many more.

Image Credit: Garena Free Fire
Image Credit: Garena Free Fire

On that note, here are some fundamentals and tips for using sniper rifles effectively in the game:

Best ways and tips for using the Sniper Rifles in Free Fire

Image Credit: Free Fire World
Image Credit: Free Fire World

#1 Choose the sniper rifle that suits best according to your playing style- Sniper rifles typically, are used for long-range interactions with the enemy. However, different snipers are used for various purposes in the game. For example- AWM is the most reliable sniper rifle in the game, and it can kill the enemy in one-shot even if you miss the headshot. On the contrary, if you have a KAR 98, a body shot won't kill the enemy in one shot.

#2 Positioning for taking the shot- Always consider taking a high vantage point for using your sniper rifle in the game. This enables you to have a larger field of view to search for enemies quickly.

Image Credit: Mobile Playground
Image Credit: Mobile Playground

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#3 Always account for bullet drop- Snipers do not work like other standard weapons in the game. They have a bullet drop to consider, which depends on the distance of the enemy. Always shoot a little higher than the head while using the sniper to ensure your bullets land at the right place.

#4 Be patient and calm- Many sniper rifle users make the mistake of shooting too early. This way of shooting should be avoided, and players should patiently track the route of the enemy to land the shot successfully.

#5 Do not move while sniping- Moving will not only decrease the accuracy of your shot but may also suggest the location of the sniper to the enemy. This will give the opponent a free window to hide and rush on you later in the game. Sniper rifles also make a lot of noise; thus, always take your shots consciously.

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