Free Fire guide to get more Booyah in ranked matches

Follow these tips and tricks to score more Booyahs in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips and tricks to score more Booyahs in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Much like other battle royale games, Free Fire ranked matches are some of the most competitive in the mobile gaming genre. There is no room for luck here, as only players with the best skills often come out on top

Securing a Booyah in ranked matches won't be an easy task but it's not an impossible one either. Although the competition is tough, players can easily outsmart them by following a few tips and tricks.


Top 5 tips and tricks to score more Booyahs in Free Fire ranked matches

5) Master the art of rotation

More often than not, players tend to stay in one place for most of the match, or move through open areas. While these tactics may work in normal matches, when it comes to ranked matches, this is a sureshot way to get eliminated.

Mastering the art of rotation will not only help players stay alive, but will also ensure that they stay well within the circle, and don't allow enemies to pin them down.


4) Use silencers when possible

Silencers are a great way to stay hidden on the mini-map, and avoid being spotted. While muzzles are better when it comes to damaging output, silencers have their own benefits and uses as well.

For starters, in addition to staying off the mini-map when shooting, if players miss a shot, they can freely take another as the enemy hasn't been alerted. Furthermore, enemies tend to panic and make the wrong decisions when being shot at by an enemy they cannot see.


3) Avoid early game fights if possible

Early game fights in Free Fire are a common sight. Many players tend to land in hot-drop zones in order to secure early game points. While this method does work, it may not be usable in every situation. It's more than likely the player will get eliminated quickly.

Rather than focusing on early game points, players should focus on early game loot. Ensuring that enough ammo, medkits, grenades, and good weapons have been collected is essential to push to the end zone and secure a Booyah.


2) Never underestimate the opponent

Underestimating an opponent in Free Fire ranked mode is the worst decision that players can make. Irrespective of their character, weapon, or position on the map, an opponent can still be deadly.

When engaging in combat in ranked mode, players shouldn't hold back or let their guard down. Full force should be used when dealing with all opponents during the match.


1) Master using gloo walls and smoke grenades

Gloo walls are a unique item in Free Fire and can be used for numerous purposes. Players can use them to block incoming fire, provide cover to revive teammates, and even confuse enemies. Mastering this item is essential to securing Booyahs.

Alongside gloo walls, understanding how to use smoke grenades will also improve a player's chances of winning, as they have multiple uses as well; sometimes outperforming gloo walls in certain situations.


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