Free Fire MAX OB36 confirmed features: Tatsuya character, Social Island, and more

Confirmed features of the Free Fire MAX OB36 update (Image via Garena)
Confirmed features of the Free Fire MAX OB36 update (Image via Garena)

Earlier this week, the social media handles of Free Fire/Free Fire MAX dropped the official release date and confirmed features for the Open Beta 36 (OB36) version. As per the official announcement, the update will arrive on 21 September and introduce multiple features.

Garena launched the OB36 Advance Server for Free Fire MAX earlier this month, which lasted a week and concluded on 8 September 2022. The upcoming update's test server teased many additions to the game, including two mystery characters, a new pet, upgraded features for Clash Squad mode, Social Island, etc.

Free Fire MAX: Garena has confirmed multiple features for the OB36 update (September 2022)

It is a well-known fact that Garena uses the Advance Server program as a platform to unveil unreleased content related to an upcoming patch. However, only some selected features get the green light and find themselves in the final product. Here are the additions Garena has confirmed for OB36:

New character: Tatsuya

The developers have teased the arrival of Tatsuya as an addition to the lineup of characters in the game. According to official sources, he is Shirou's younger brother in the title's lore, but his actual ability hasn't been revealed yet.

However, a male mystery character with an Active ability, Rebel Rush, was seen in the OB36 Advance Server; this could be Tatsuya. Readers can learn more about the mystery character from the Free Fire MAX OB36 Advance Server here.

New additions to armory: Treatment Laser Gun and Gloo Melter Grenade


There are two items that will be included in the title's weaponry, Treatment Laser Gun and Gloo Melter Grenade. The former seems like a variant of the Treatment Pistol, while the latter is a throwable that players will be able to use to damage gloo walls and enemies.

New feature: Weapon skin lifetime progress


After the OB36 update, players can use this new feature to save weapon skin progress in the game, allowing them to acquire the same permanently. For example, if gamers are able to get a specific temporary gun skin multiple times, they can accumulate the progress and convert the same into a permanent collectible.

Social Island

Free Fire MAX OB36 update will introduce a new area for players to explore and interact with fellow gamers. The new site will be called Social Island, where people will be able to participate in boxing matches, football games, and explore different locations within the area.

NeXTerra as a Clash Squad map

The fifth-anniversary celebrations brought a new Battle Royale map to the game, providing users with new locations to explore. Players have more than enough time in the game to experience NeXTerra and understand its battlefield. That said, the OB36 update will introduce the map for Clash Squad.

Apart from the additions mentioned above, players can also expect the following features via Free Fire MAX's OB36 update:

  • Rank protection optimization: Availability of a Protection Card after ranking up.
  • Weapon upgrades for Ice Gun, Shield Gun, and Scar.
  • Clash Squad gameplay adjustments.
  • Reworking of Training Grounds.

Players can find more details about these features only after the launch of the OB36 version.

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