GW Manish's Free Fire ID, stats, headshots percentage, K/D ratio, and monthly income revealed

GW Manish's Free Fire ID (Image via Free Fire)
GW Manish's Free Fire ID (Image via Free Fire)
Aniket Thakkar

Free Fire players avidly consume different types of game-related content, which has resulted in the exponential growth of content creators in the last few years. Some of these YouTubers, such as GW Manish, have established themselves as leaders in the Indian community.

He regularly uploads videos around mysterious and interesting facts pertaining to Free Fire. These have a large viewership, earning him 3.25 million subscribers and over 617 million views.

What is GW Manish’s Free Fire ID and stats?

GW Manish’s Free Fire ID is 663844446. The gamer’s stats are as follows:

Lifetime stats

GW Manish's lifetime stats (Image via Free Fire)
GW Manish's lifetime stats (Image via Free Fire)

GW Manish has appeared in 4966 squad matches and raked in 684 victories, turning in a win percentage of 13.77%. He has accumulated 11509 kills, and 1944 of them are headshots. This corresponds to a K/D ratio and headshot rate of 2.69 and 16.89%, respectively.

He has accumulated 390 booyahs in 4203 duo games, which has resulted in a win rate of 9.27%. The content creator has notched 9197 eliminations with a K/D ratio of 2.41 and has secured a total of 1490 headshots, equating to a headshot ratio of 16.20%.

The internet star has featured 1384 solo matches and achieved 64 first-place finishes, adding to a win ratio of 4.62%. With 2212 frags and 375 headshots, the YouTuber has a K/D ratio of 1.68 and a headshot rate of 16.95%.

Ranked stats

GW Manish's ranked stats (Image via Free Fire)
GW Manish's ranked stats (Image via Free Fire)

GW Manish has participated in 131 squad games and bagged 32 wins, translating to a win ratio of 24.42%. He has 459 frags, along with 106 headshots, providing the content creator with a K/D ratio of 4.64 and a headshot ratio of 23.09%.

GW Manish has outperformed his opponents in three out of 23 ranked duo games, securing a win percentage of 13.04%. He has bagged 66 kills with nine headshots, which ensures a K/D ratio of 3.30 and a headshot percentage of 13.64%.

Note: GW Manish’s Free Fire stats will change as he participates in more games.

Estimated income

GW Manish's income (Image via Free Fire)
GW Manish's income (Image via Free Fire)

According to Social Blade, GW Manish’s monthly income via his YouTube channel is estimated at around $12.4K - $198.1K. The yearly figures are reportedly in the range of $148.5K - $2.4M.

YouTube channel


GW Manish has been actively uploading videos on the channel for more than two years. He found immense success in 2021, starting the year with around 300k subscribers, which has since increased tenfold. Manish has also attained 617 million views combined.

In the last 30 days alone, GW Manish's subscriber count has increased by 150k and his views have gone up by 49.514 million.

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