How to find unique and stylish guild names for Free Fire

Players can set unique guild names in Free Fire (Image via Mobile Mode Gaming)
Players can set unique guild names in Free Fire (Image via Mobile Mode Gaming)

Guilds in Free Fire are a group of players who enjoy matches together. Guild members can also complete daily challenges and missions to win exciting rewards.

Players have to spend diamonds (in-game money) to build a guild in Free Fire. They can read the following article to learn more:

How to create a guild with stylish names in Free Fire

Players in Free Fire like to set a cool name for their guild to stand out in the crowd. To get quirky names with symbols, mobile gamers can opt for popular name generator websites.

Generating unique guild names for Free Fire using a website (Image via Pinterest) (Image via Pinterest)

Since Android and iOS keyboards do not have a large variety of symbols, players can go to websites like,, etc., for selecting a guild name of their choice. They can type in the nickname they want, and the site will generate cool names that they can choose from.

Mobile gamers can also head over to these name generator sites if they are looking for name recommendations. Players need to copy a name and head over to Free Fire to set it as their guild name.

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Players get the option to set up a guild name while creating a guild in Free Fire. They also have the option to change the guild name later. Here are the following steps that they have to follow if they want to change their guild name in Free Fire:

  1. After opening Free Fire, players will need to click on the Guild icon.
  2. They will then have to press the edit icon beside the Guild name.
  3. After the dialogue box appears, players will have to paste a unique name of their choice.
  4. Free Fire gamers will then have to make the necessary payments for the change.

Note: This article is for beginners.

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