How to get free emotes in Garena Free Fire for all players

How to claim emotes for free in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
How to claim emotes for free in Free Fire (Image via Garena)

Emotes are loved by almost every Garena Free Fire fan as one can perform and flaunt different stylish actions on the battlefield. Despite their zero combat support and tactical use, emotes are among the most sought-after items in the game, and users spend hundreds of diamonds on them.

Garena has provided a specific section for emotes in Free Fire's store, where permanent collectibles are available. Apart from the in-game store, special events and the Lucky Royale section also bring legendary level emotes (rare or unique edition ones) to the game on various occasions.

However, users will be delighted to know that there are a few ways to grant free emotes in Garena Free Fire, and the following section will explore such methods:

Disclaimer: Indian gamers should note that Free Fire has been in their country; therefore, they should access their player IDs via the MAX variant.

Garena Free Fire: How to grab emotes without paying any diamonds

1) Redemption codes provide an array of free rewards.

One should use redemption codes to redeem free rewards (Image via Garena)
One should use redemption codes to redeem free rewards (Image via Garena)

Everyone knows that Garena reveals redemption codes on several occasions via live streams or special events. These codes help redeem items for free from Garena's rewards redemption site.

The valid 12-character (numbers and capital letters) codes guarantee permanent and temporary rewards that vary from skins, diamonds, gold coins, gloo walls, outfits, emotes, etc.


Thus, players have to keep their eyes on the redemption codes to seize the opportunity of redeeming emotes or diamonds. However, players need to be wary of the redeem code generators and sites that peddle fake redemption codes.

These Free Fire redeem code generators, and third-party websites can result in account suspensions.

2) Top-up events grant free items.


Every week features a new top-up event in Free Fire that allows users to grab free-of-cost items. The only condition of redeeming a reward via top-up events is purchasing a selected number of diamonds.

The purchased diamonds will remain intact in the players' accounts, and the rewards will automatically be redeemed. Among these free prizes, Garena often introduces legendary level emotes.

However, top-up rewards are not advisable for users who are not financially independent. They should wait for the redemption codes or explore the next method listed in this article to acquire free diamonds.

3) Use legitimate ways like GPT apps to grab free diamonds.


Several GPT apps like Easy Rewards, Poll Pay, PollPe, Swagbucks, Google Opinion Rewards, et cetera grant gift cards, vouchers, or virtual money. Players can use the same to top-up diamonds in the game.

The rewards from the GPT apps include gift cards, vouchers, or virtual currency for iTunes, Google, Amazon, Xbox, and more. Users can acquire these free rewards by completing tasks like participating in surveys and quizzes.


Thus, players should use the legitimate apps given above to purchase diamonds. Furthermore, they can get emotes from the store or top-up events, and the emotes acquired with free diamonds are technically free of cost.

Players should also note various diamond generators and hacks online, which one should avoid at any cost.

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