How to get Free Fire diamonds without top up after OB27 update

How to get diamonds without top-up (Image via
How to get diamonds without top-up (Image via
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To purchase most of the exclusive items in Free Fire, players must spend diamonds, an in-game currency. Due to the desire to obtain such items, users look to acquire diamonds. However, they aren’t free, and players must shell out money from their own pockets to procure the in-game currency.

For most players, spending money on a game isn’t a feasible option. Therefore, they look for means by which they can get Free Fire diamonds without top-up.

This article provides details on how users can get the in-game currency without purchasing it after the recent OB27 update.

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Getting Free Fire diamonds without top up after OB27 update

The only way players can get Free Fire diamonds without top-up is via events, which the developers frequently add. Generally, they require players to upload clips on the Booyah! application, which is a dedicated app for Garena.

The in-game currency is frequently one of the prizes in the events. Hence, participating in these events provides players a chance to obtain diamonds. Unfortunately, no events like that are currently running on Booyah!

Here is some information about a few of the previous events in Free Fire:

King of the Hill

King of the Hill event in Garena Free Fire
King of the Hill event in Garena Free Fire

King of the Hill event ran earlier this month, and players had to upload their clips of 1 v 4 clutch moments and squad wipes on Booyah! Only a single entry was allowed from the users, and promotional clips were prohibited.

The event boasted an enormous prize pool of 10000 diamonds.

Heavy Driver

Like King of the Hill, the Heavy Driver event is another event where players had to upload clips of themselves killing opponents using vehicles. Following are the clips that emerged victoriously and were rewarded with diamonds.

It is essential to note that players should avoid using illicit mod applications such as Free Fire unlimited diamond mod APK. They are 100% illegal and against the Anti-Hack of Garena. If users are found guilty, their accounts will be permanently suspended.

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