How to get free in-game rewards from Operation Chrono Vending Machines in Free Fire: Location, rewards, and more

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
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Free Fire has been one of the most successful battle royale titles on the mobile platform since its release in 2017. The game brings in regular updates along with several features and events.

Recently, Free Fire devs rolled out the Operation Chrono update and introduced many exclusive in-game events and items in the game. One such event is the Vending Machine event.

The all-new in-game Vending Machine allows players to obtain items by using 3D tokens, which can be found through drops throughout the map. Players have to use these tokens in order to exchange with the special in-game rewards that are available in the Vending Machine.

This article elucidates every step on how to get the free in-game rewards from Operation Chrono Vending Machines in Free Fire.

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Operation Chrono Vending Machines in Free Fire

The Vending Machine event is dated from December 13th-25th, and the machines are available only on the classic Bermuda map, excluding the Kalahari and the Purgatory arenas.

Though this is an event, the Vending Machines will not be available under the "Events" tab, and players will have to play the match to earn the tokens to redeem and exchange rewards from the Vending Machine.

Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire

The list of rewards available in the vending machines are:

  • Pink Chrono Box: 1 Token, Stock 10
  • M82B: 5 Tokens, Stock 1
  • M4A1: 1 Token
  • AK: 2 Tokens
  • FAMAS: 3 Tokens
  • AR Ammo: 1 Token for 100
  • Gloo Wall Grenade: 1 Token for 3, Stock 10
  • Medkit: 5 Tokens for 2
  • HG Ammo: 1 Token for 10
Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire

Players must remember that the tokens to be collected in the match will only be available through drops in the matches. As soon as they collect the tokens, they should try to redeem them quickly by tapping the "Buy" option in front of the machine. The tokens will be valid for a single match only.

The vending machines spawn randomly on the Bermuda map. Here are some of the most probable locations where the machines mostly spawn:

  • Shipyard
  • Mars Electric
  • Mill
  • Pochinok
  • Plantation
  • Graveyard
  • Hangar
  • Cape Town
  • Observatory

The above-mentioned locations have the maximum chances of having a Vending Machine in the game.


Though the machines offer a generous amount of loot rewards in exchange for a few tokens, players must also try to obtain the permanent Enter Chrono parachute skin from the vending machine as soon as they collect three of those tokens from drops.

Click here to know how to get the permanent parachute skin.

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