How to get free legendary loot box skin in Free Fire this week: Squad Beatz event guide

The legendary loot box skin (Image via Garena)
The legendary loot box skin (Image via Garena)
Aniket Thakkar

The last few months for Free Fire players have been filled with events that kept them hooked to the game. The same trend continued after the OB32 update as well. The She Plays Free Fire campaign was first underway, and the Squad Beatz event has now commenced.

However, gamers had an idea of what was in store for them since Garena had the calendar a few days ago. A few sections have commenced today, while the developers have offered teasers for others.

As part of the Travel Mission, gamers have the opportunity to receive an exclusive Aurorabomb Loot Box, among other vouchers, for free.

How to get Aurora Audiobomb Loot Box in Free Fire

Squad Beatz event calendar (Image via Garena)
Squad Beatz event calendar (Image via Garena)

Travel Mission will begin on 5 February 2022 and last until 12 February 2022. During this phase, players must traverse the map for the specified distance. The developers have established three prerequisites, each of which carries two rewards:

  • Travel 5000 meters โ€“ 1x Gold Royale Voucher and 5x Beatz Token โ€“ Ruby
  • Travel 10000 meters โ€“ 1x Diamond Royale Voucher (31 March 2022) and 5x Beatz Token โ€“ Ruby
  • Travel 20000 meters โ€“ Aurora Audiobomb Loot Box and 5x Beatz Token โ€“ Ruby

Players should not lose out on the awards because the objectives in this event are relatively simple to complete, even for those new to the game. They can easily play unranked battle royale matches and aim for maximum survival while moving around to complete the missions quickly.

Steps to collect the rewards

Once the Travel Missions are available and players have achieved the given requirements, they can follow the steps given below to collect the rewards:

Step 1: Open the event by clicking on the calendar option.

The rewards for the Travel Mission (Image via Garena)
The rewards for the Travel Mission (Image via Garena)

Step 2: Next, click Travel Mission under the Squad Beatz tab and press the claim button to obtain them.

Other events and rewards

In addition to the Travel Missions, the developers have also shed light on several upcoming Free Fire events. The Kill Challenge will start on 8 February and provide Maroon Laser Pan, while the Play to Win will be available on the peak day, i.e., 12 February, offering a permanent gun skin.

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