How to reach Grandmaster rank in Free Fire MAX Season 28 BR mode

The best tips to reach the Grandmaster tier in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)
The best tips to reach the Grandmaster tier in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)
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Garena provides various opportunities for Free Fire MAX users to claim many rewards, and the Rank system in the game is meant for the same purpose. Gamers can maximize their ranks to avail themselves of a series of instant and seasonal rewards based on the tier they have reached.

The Grandmaster, which includes five (I to V) sub-ranks, is the highest tier players can reach during a Rank Season for a specific mode. Users get a window of less than two months to maximize their tiers and obtain the corresponding rewards. However, it isn't easy to reach the Grandmaster tier.

Garena Free Fire MAX: Tips to reach Grandmaster tier in BR Rank Season 28

The 28th Season for Free Fire MAX Battle Royale ranked mode has begun as of 16 June 2022 and will culminate on 5 August 2022. Thus, it is perfect for gamers to start ranking up in the game. Even if they start early, their chances of reaching either Grandmaster tier are pretty slim.

Therefore, readers should take a look at the following tips that may help them reach the Grandmaster tier in Battle Royale Rank Season 28:

1) Customizing the HUD


HUD (heads-up display) is the primary feature in any shooter game, which allows users to have a command over the aim, character's movement, and shooting. Thus, players should keep adjusting the settings of their HUD in Free Fire MAX until they get an optimum layout.

Furthermore, one can use a specific claw setting (two-finger, three-finger, or four-finger) based on their smartphone/tablet's grip, size, and playstyle. The two-finger suits an aggressive shooting strategy, while the four-finger setting enables pro-level movement controls.

Thus, customizing the HUD will help gamers in the long run, as initially, they may face some issues with control. Over time, a well-optimized HUD will pay off the users with exceptional command over skills, provided they have practiced hard in regular Free Fire MAX matches.

2) Prefer squads over solo


Playing solo demands better skills from the users as it involves the adoption of an independent playstyle with no backup. At the same time, playing in a squad involves an interdependent gameplay strategy with team support.

Thus, preferring a squad over a solo in BR mode allows users to enhance their survival time. Moreover, one can also claim more victories with excellent coordination in the endzone battles. Thus, consequently, one can earn more rank points.

3) Choice of characters and pets


Users occasionally employ characters and pets, which are popular choices. However, it is more beneficial for players to use a character that suits their playstyle and assists the team.

Furthermore, one should also pick pets on a similar basis as character abilities, and a team should have precisely one pet like Falcon to enhance the speed of landing on their preferred spot in the Free Fire MAX BR mode.

4) Choose safer spots and collect enough loot


It is essential to survive for longer durations to accumulate more rank points in a Free Fire MAX BR match. Thus, the jump leader of the team should choose relatively safer landing spots to enhance their survival chances.

Furthermore, users should focus on collecting sufficient loot, including weapons and healing items. They should avoid unnecessary fights in the first half of the match and keep moving from one location to another.

Apart from the given tips, users should keep practicing hard in the training range to elevate their skill-set. They can also strategize while choosing a loadout or tweaking the sensitivity before entering a specific match.

Sticking to the game plan will allow users to reach Grandmaster I and subsequent ranks readily.

Note: This list is not in a particular order and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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