How to redeem Free Fire rewards code

Free Fire redemption centre
Free Fire redemption centre

Garena Free Fire is one of the most played battle royale games with players from all over the world. This title has many characters with a wide range of cosmetics, weapon skins, pets, and more, providing customisation options to players and making the in-game experience unique for everyone.

However, these gorgeous in-game cosmetics are expensive, and gamers need to buy them by using diamonds (in-game currency), which are obtainable by investing real money. But, the developers are pretty generous and frequently let out free codes for players who are unable to buy cosmetics in-game.

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These codes get released during esports tournaments and in-game events, and players can quickly use them to earn free cosmetics. In this article, we discuss the process to redeem these such codes, so that next time users spot a code, they can quickly redeem it to get its benefits in-game for free.

How to redeem/use Free Fire codes

Rewards Redemption Centre for Free Fire codes
Rewards Redemption Centre for Free Fire codes

Step #1- First of all, the code should be 12-characters long, and have numbers and capital letters in it. Players need to use this code before its expiry date.

Step #2- Next, they have to visit the Rewards Redemption centre of Garena Free Fire, or users can click here to get there directly.

Step #3- After that, gamers need to log into their Free Fire accounts and sign in through any medium, like Facebook or Google.

(Note: If the existing account is not linked with Facebook or Google, then redemption will not work on a simple guest account)

Step #4- Players can enter the code and get the free rewards in the in-game vault.

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