How to use smoke grenades like professional players in Free Fire

Smoke grenades are useful and can help win fights (Image via Free Fire)
Smoke grenades are useful and can help win fights (Image via Free Fire)

Free Fire is an immensely successful mobile battle royale with over 500 million downloads. Just like other games in the genre, Free Fire also has a variety of grenade types that players can equip.

In Free Fire, many professionals and streamers use grenades during fights or to rotate around the map. Players can also learn some techniques from professional players and improve their skills. This article will guide players on how to use Smoke grenades like professional players in Free Fire.

Tips for using smoke grenades in Free Fire

1) Using smoke grenades as a diversion


Professional players often use smoke grenades as a distraction and to bait enemies. In Free Fire, smoke grenades incapacitate the auto-aim feature that can confuse enemies. Players can implement this technique in their game to take down a few enemies.

2) Turning the scope on before throwing the grenade


In Free Fire, equipping the scope before throwing smoke grenades can be advantageous. As mentioned above, smoke grenades maim auto-aim functionality, but it doesn't influence the scope. This means players can comfortably see everything and can aim or shoot at opponents.

3) For reviving downed teammates


Skilled and renowned Free Fire players also use smoke grenades to heal their fellow teammates. These players smoke-bomb their opponents while in cover and use medkits or other healing items to quickly regain their lost health. Players can also use this strategy while in battle and during intense shootouts or in an area with less cover.

4) To probe for enemies inside shelters


This is another excellent application of smoke grenades. In Free Fire, players usually use shelters and houses to camp or scout other enemies. Using a smoke grenade before directly entering a shelter reduces the chances of combat and will startle the enemies inside.

5) Using smoke grenades to escape


There are times when even professional players in Free Fire are overpowered and need to escape from an area or a fight. During times like these, players normally use smoke grenades to plan their exit. These are even helpful to move from one house to another.

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