Free Fire OB37 update patch notes: Zombie Hunt mode, Arvon pet, Trogon weapon, and more

Free Fire OB37 update patch notes (Image via Garena)
Free Fire OB37 update patch notes (Image via Garena)

After the announcement of the Free Fire OB37 update, all eyes are now set on its release. The patch is scheduled to be released on November 16, 2022, and the servers are already down for maintenance. As a result, players are only a few hours away from experiencing the new content.

Garena has also released the patch notes for the Free Fire OB37 update, providing a comprehensive overview of the new content. The update includes multiple modes, weapon adjustments, and character balancing.

Free Fire OB37 update patch notes



Zombie Hunt (Available in Free Fire from November 16, 2022)

  • Mode offers three levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard.
  • The team mode is set to squad by default. They need to pass the Hard stage to unlock the solo mode.
  • Pass through the six stages and defeat the final boss to win.
  • Players will be revived a few moments after being eliminated as long as they have at least one surviving teammate.
  • Individuals can select a buff after passing each stage.
  • Talents are permanent combat boosts. Gamers can enhance them using the Talent Points earned within the matches.

Football Squad mode (Available in Free Fire from December 2, 2022)

  • A 4v4 mode and gamers have to shoot as many goals as possible within the time limit.
  • Players can choose to play as a striker (with Tatsuya’s Rebel Rush skill) or a defender (with Chrono’s Time Turner skill).
  • Users will randomly receive a Gloo Wall or Flash Freeze during the match to assist them.

Football Fire - Social Island (Available in Free Fire from November 16, 2022)

  • Individuals can use the Football Shooter to shoot at the ball and score goals. The side with more goals within six minutes will win.

Bomb Squad 5v5 (Upgraded Mechanism and optimization highlights)

  • The mode features a much bigger spawn area. This enables more movement freedom during offense/defense strategy comms.
  • Every Free Fire player on the offensive team will now carry a bomb.
  • Once Free FIre users are eliminated, they can no longer be helped up.
  • Gas station platform at point B lowered and front gate is widened for balanced gameplay.
  • They can participate in this championship during the FFWS period.

Clash Squad

Game Pace Adjustments

  • Zone starts to shrink earlier at 20th second instead of 25th second.
  • Zone finishes shrinking earlier at 70th second instead of 90th second.

Extra Ammo

  • Players will receive back-up ammo for their equipped weapons when the purchase phase ends.

CS Store Cost Adjustment

  • Upgrade to level 3: 800 → 1000.
  • M4A1 and FAMAS cost decreased to 1000.
  • Grenade cost increased to 300 and carrying limit set at 1.

Battle Royale

Defense Airdrop (A new type of airdrop)

  • Users can unlock rare airdrop loot by staying within this defense area to accumulate progress.
  • Gamers have 3 defense stages in total with every stage will unlock a reward.
  • Users can capture the airdrop for longer to unlock better loot.
  • Defense progress is displayed on every player’s minimap.

Game Pacing Adjustments (Faster zone shrinks)

  • 1st zone appearance - 50th second.
  • 1st zone shrink - 130th second.
  • 1st Safe Zone size - 600m.
  • 2nd zone appearance - 360th second.
  • 2nd zone shrink - 420th second.
  • 2nd Safe Zone size - 320m.
  • 3rd zone appearance - 520th second.
  • 3rd zone shrink - 580th second.
  • 4th zone appearance - 655th second.
  • 4th zone shrink - 705th second.
  • 5th zone appearance - 765th second.
  • 5th zone shrink - 800th second.
  • 6th zone appearance - 845th second.
  • 6th zone shrink - 875th second.

Battle Royale Multiplayer (NeXTerra)

  • 1st zone appearance - 50th second.

Battle Royale Solo

  • 1st zone appearance - 50th second.

Other Battle Royale mode adjustments

  • 1st airdrop appearance - 120th second.
  • 1st Airdrop Vending Machine appearance - 360th second.
  • Revival Point closing time - 520th second.
  • Revival duration required at Revival Points - 25s.
  • Revival Point cooldown - 120s.
  • M82B drop rate increased by 1%.
  • Lv. 1 Backpack drop rate reduced by 40%.
  • Lv. 2 Backpack drop rate increased by 80%.
  • Lv. 3 Backpack drop rate increased by 2%.
  • Lv. 3 Helmet and Vest drop rates increased by 1%.
  • Machine gun ammo vicinity drop - 2 stacks.
  • SMG ammo vicinity drop - 1-2 stacks.
  • New item drop includes Launch Pad. Available through Secret Clues, airdrops, and Defense Airdrops.
  • New weapon drop - Trogon.
  • New M1014-I and M1014-III drop.


New Lone Wolf Map - Ice Ground

  • Ice Ground, the new Lone Wolf map will roll out with Free Fire OB37 update.

Character & Pet

K (Increased EP conversion, decreased EP recovery)

  • Max EP increases by 20.
  • Jiujitsu Mode - Allies within 6m get 300%/350%/400%/450%/500%/600% increase in EP conversion rate.
  • Psychology Mode - Recover 3 EP every 2s, up to 120/140/160/180/200/220 EP. Mode Switch CS 3s.

Clu (Narrowed the scan range)

  • Locates the positions of enemies who are within 65m and are not in prone or squat position.
  • Lasts for 5/6/7/8/9/10s. Cooldown - 75/70/65/60/55/50s. Enemy positions are shared with teammates.

Nikita (More likely to trigger weapon enhancement effects)

  • Reload speed increases by 20%.
  • The final 10/11/12/13/14/15 bullets of user’s SMG will cause 15/18/21/24/27/30% more damage.

New Pet - Arvon (Dinoculars ability)

  • Detect the number of enemies in an area of 50m radius, no matter what position they are in. Lasts for 3/4/6s.
  • Results are shared with teammates.
  • Max usage per match - 1/2/3.


New Weapon: Trogon

Shotgun mode: A 3-burst firing power suitable for close combat.

  • Damage - 26
  • Range - 15

Grenade Launcher mode: Shoot out a grenade. Suitable for mid-to-long distance combat.

  • Damage - 100
  • Range - 20

New item: Launch Pad

  • Place the Launch Pad on the ground and tap “use” to adjust the projection direction. The button will also display the remaining number of uses.
  • The duration of this item is 120s and it can be used four times.

Weapon Balance Adjustments

  • AN94 - Rate of fire +5%, range + 6%.
  • MAC10 - Accuracy +5%.
  • Thompson - Accuracy when moving +10%, movement speed while shooting +10%.
  • VSS-I - No longer inflicts damage continuously.
  • VSS-II - No longer inflicts damage continuously.
  • M500 - Headshot effective range -20%, damage +10%.
  • Desert Eagle - Headshot effective range -20%, rate of fire +5%.
  • Woodpecker - Damage effective range +10%.
  • AC80 - Damage effective range -10%.
  • Kar98k-I - Removed its biotech scope.
  • Kar98k-II - Removed its biotech scope.
  • Lone Wolf mode - FF Knife can inflict 999 damage and the available amount is increased to 10.

Other Weapon Adjustments (New upgradable weapon: M1014)

  • M1014-I - accuracy +15%, range +15%
  • M1014-II - accuracy +20%, range +15%
  • M1014-III - accuracy +30%, range +15%


Battle Royale Loadouts

  • Individuals can only carry 1 type of Loadout every match.
  • Bonfire: Individuals get three Bonfires at the start of the match. (Recovers 25 HP per second, recovers 20 EP per second, and lasts for 10s)
  • Supply Crate: Users will get 200 FF Coins, an AK47, and 30 AR Ammo when are revived.
  • Armor Crate: Players obtain a Lv. 2 Vest, a Lv. 2 Helmet, 2 Repair Kits, and 200 FF Coins at the start of the match.
  • Leg Pockets: It provides 100 additional backpack capacity.
  • Scan will reveal nearby enemies when parachuting and continues to scan for 10s after landing.
  • Airdrop Aid: Individuals can summon an airdrop using it.
  • Secret Clue: After using the Secret Clue during the parachuting stage, the map will display the location of the resupply point, where gamers can get a Grappling Hook Gun, Launch Pad, and 600 FF Coins.
  • Bounty Token: After using the Bounty Token during the parachuting stage, players will receive 400 FF Coins, a random attachment, and a Lv. 1 upgradable weapon after their first elimination.

Clash Squad Loadouts

  • Users can only carry 1 type of Loadout every match in Free Fire.
  • Bonfire: Get 3 Bonfires at the start of the match. It recovers 25 HP per second and 20 EP per second while lasting for 10s.
  • Supply Crate: Get items at the beginning of each of the following rounds.
  • Round 1 - Katana.
  • Round 2 - Super Med.
  • Round 3 - Gloo Wall x2.]
  • Round 4 - Upgradable chip.
  • Round 5 - Flash Freeze, Grenade, and Gloo Wall.
  • Round 6 - Bonfire.
  • Round 7 - Vest Enlarger.
  • Armor Crate: This loadout will restore 60% Vest and Helmet durability at the beginning of each round.
  • Leg Pockets: Gamers can carry 2 more Gloo Walls.
  • Scan: The loadout marks all enemies for 3s when the first Safe Zone of the round starts to shrink. However, the results are not shared with teammates.
  • Airdrop Aid: Users get extra 300 Cash from the airdrop.
  • Bounty Token: Users can choose whether to use Bounty Token at the start of each round. They will gain 300 extra CS Cash for each enemy eliminated during the first 90s of the round. Bounty Tokens can be used for one round in a match.
  • Secret Clue: This loadout will enable users to unlock the Store's Secret Bazaar, where they can purchase buffs:

New Minimap

  • Tap the minimap to place it on the right side of the screen.
  • When using the minimap, gamers can still see what’s going on in the fighting pit.
  • Tap the minimap again or tap the cross in the top right corner to close it.
  • Users can move or use Med Kits while viewing the minimap.

New Crosshair

Crosshair color when aiming at different targets:

  • Green - Healing a teammate.
  • Red - Aiming at an enemy.
  • Orange - Aiming at a destroyable object, such as Gloo Wall or a destroyable cover.

The following weapons will have exclusive crosshairs:

  • Melees
  • Shotguns
  • Rifles
  • Marksman Rifles
  • Treatment guns
  • Grenade Launcher

Rank System Optimization

Clash Squad Matchmaking Logic Optimization

  • Only players of a similar rank will be added to the Free Fire Clash Squad matches.

Rank interface optimization

  • Automatically claim Season Kickoff rewards after 3 matches.
  • Easier button access to ranked match statistics.
  • Optimized the item sorting at the Exchange Store.

Clash Squad Protection Points Optimization

  • Rank gap is now considered in the Clash Squad Protection Points.
  • Players on the defeated team will receive extra Protection Points if case there is any rank gap.


Weapon Mastery

  • Weapon Mastery can be accessed from Lobby > Armory > Weapon Mastery in Free Fire. It features all weapons except melees, grenades, and the Ice Gun.
  • Stick to the preferred weapon at the top by tapping the star on the right-hand side of the weapon name.
  • It features five stages: Amateur, Trained, Experienced, Advanced, and Pro.
  • Free Fire players can accumulate progress and proceed to the next stage by eliminating, inflicting damage, headshots, and healing in Battle Royale or Clash Squad modes.
  • Get rewards for reaching a particular stage.
  • Trained: Obtain a rare gun skin for that weapon (7 days).
  • Experienced: Obtain 2 Weapon Royale Vouchers.
  • Advanced: Obtain a rare gun skin for that weapon (permanent).
  • Pro: Mystery reward.

Easier character growth

  • Significantly reduced the cost of unlocking a skill slot and character fragment requirements.
  • Character level-up cost adjustments in Free Fire:
Cost of leveling up a character in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
Cost of leveling up a character in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
  • Skill slot cost adjustments in Free Fire:
Skill cost adjustment in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
Skill cost adjustment in Free Fire (Image via Garena)

Link System Optimization

  • Users get more eye-catching reminders on the LINK icon when there is a character to claim/LINK.
  • On the character skills page, display LINK buttons for LINK characters that the gamer does not yet own.
  • Introduced a “New” tag for LINK characters that have been recently added.
  • Incorporated a “Hot” tag for characters that are popular in the LINK system.

Game Environment

  • Game Security Center.
  • Enhanced report feedback.
  • Better the rank protection system.

Sound effect optimization

Enhanced volume changes

  • VSS
  • AUG
  • AR15
  • Thompson
  • Kord
  • Handcannon
  • Grenade

Reduced volume changes

  • M14
  • SCAR
  • AK47

Upgraded Sound Effects for Items

  • Dice
  • UAV
  • Wooden Crate Disguise
  • Landmine
  • Jet Pack Shoes
  • Jumping Shoes
  • Mini Turrets
  • Electric Surfboard
  • Fireworks

Other Adjustments

  • When Free Fire gamers pin an item, they can see the item name from the team chat.
  • Teammates’ active skills are now visible when spectating them.
  • Free-look camera perspective will be available while swimming.
  • Highest fall damage reduction to 150.
  • NeXTerra has been added to the Free Fire Max client.
  • Minimum fall damage height increased to 6m.


Room Matchmaking

  • In case auto-matchmaking is turned off, the room will return to its normal status.
  • If the host cancels matchmaking, then the players who joined the room through matchmaking will automatically leave the room.

Craftland matchmaking tags

  • When the “Preferred Popular” feature is turned on, Free Fire players will only matchmake the popular maps under this category.
  • They can select tags by tapping the button at the bottom of the Craftland maps page.

Craftland Home Page Optimization

  • New “Categories” page.
  • Upgraded home page layout.
  • Optimized map details page.

New Night and Dusk Skyboxes

  • Craftland now supports night and dusk.

Object Placing of Optimization

  • Turn on Free Placing to enable advanced object placing.

You can read the detailed Free Fire OB37 update patch notes here.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India. Due to the government-imposed restrictions, players in the country should avoid playing the game. They can, however, play Free Fire MAX, which is not banned in the country.

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