"Free Fire's phenomenal growth was reflected when it became the Esports Mobile Game of the Year in the Esports Award 2021": Gaming Aura

Abhishek runs the YouTube channel, Gaming Aura, that revolves around Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Abhishek runs the YouTube channel, Gaming Aura, that revolves around Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

Garena Free Fire has its fair share of content creators and Abhishek Bisht is one of them. Aside from running the YouTube channel "Gaming Aura" with over 970K subscribers, he also casts Free Fire events.

Not only does Abhishek create content around Free Fire, he also livestreams the battle royale game on another YouTube channel of his, called Aura Live. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, Abhishek talks about his journey as a content creator, his love for livestreaming Free Fire, and more.

Gaming Aura's story of Free Fire content creation


Q. Hello Abhishek! Tell us a bit about your journey as a Free Fire content creator. How did the idea of creating a YouTube channel come to be?

A. In 2017 I passed my class 12 examination and started pursuing B.Com in my college. Whenever I used to get some free time, I used to engage myself in gaming.

In 2018, I got the idea of content creation, but I did not know how to begin. I started off with event blogging. I started a website of my own but it was not successful.

Ultimately, I chose gaming as it was my passion and hobby. I started my channel in 2018. I took up a job for about three months but eventually quit and bought my own device using the money I earned. So with the support of my Free Fire gaming community and family, I am where I am.

Q. Since the Indian gaming community is not very accepting of gaming as a profession, did you have to face criticism when you first decided to become a content creator? Were your parents supportive of your decision?

A. Whenever you try to do something out-of-the-box, you will get to face criticism during your initial days. Similarly, when parents invest their time and money raising you, they have certain expectations which is fair.

I passed my high school examination (Standard 12) and then I approached my parents to express my desire to become a content creator. I started my career in gaming after my first year at college, and asked my parents to give me two years to establish myself. They did not stop me and I ultimately reached where I am with a “Do or die” mentality.

Q. Your interest towards Esports is clearly reflected in a playlist titled “ESPORTS VIDEOS” on your channel. What do you think of the Indian Esports scenario when it comes to Free Fire? Which teams/players do you look up to?

A. I am really passionate towards the esports industry. If it keeps on growing, Indian society’s outlook towards gaming will change. When esports was initially introduced in India, it did not have an audience. Now my channel’s playlist, "ESPORTS VIDEOS" is being noticed because of the presence of viewers who are interested in gaming.

Free Fire is growing phenomenally and it has already won the Esports Awards twice in a row for being the Esports Mobile Game of the Year. The viewership and the competitive scenario of the game shows how passionate people are towards Free Fire.


When it comes to players, every day a new gamer is being added to the list of good esports gamers in India. I cannot choose a single player out of the pool. Every one of them is working hard and trying their best. They are investing their golden years in gaming, and by 2024 there will surely be a positive change in the world of esports.

Q. You are one of the few content creators who are trying to help their viewers improve their gameplay on Free Fire. What according to you are the major aspects a player should consider to become better at the battle royale game?

A. Free Fire gamers must always be unique. Copying others’ gameplay will not make a player like his idol. Since everyone is unique in their own way, they should also try to have a different style of gameplay.

The game meta changes from time to time, but if you have the basics within your grasp then that is all you need. Free Fire has seen so many changes over the course of time, but my controls and settings never changed.

If you want to be good at the game make your basics strong, practice and take regular breaks. More importantly, if you are a student, restrict your gaming time.

Q. Free Fire recently released two new characters, Otho and Leon. What are your thoughts about the characters? Which character is your favorite?

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A. The characters introduced in Free Fire are quite useful in different types of matches. Since Otho helps with locating the position of the enemies, he has a major advantage in squad matches. Leon is very useful in quick fights, a minor boost in HP does create a lot of difference.

The characters that I love right now are Leon and Misha. Maxim, Kelly, Andrew, and Hayato are evergreen characters. Any player who wants to perform well in Free Fire must have these characters.

Q. You have another channel called Aura Live, where you mainly post your streams. What type of videos demand the most time and effort, game streams or content creation around Free Fire events?

A. Before recording a video, you research the topic. After recording, you might have to correct and edit the video before finally posting it. In the case of livestreams, you don’t have a controlled environment, you just need to sit and play the game you like.


Honestly speaking, I like livestreaming more than content creation. I can be more comfortable and speak openly during my livestreams. Most importantly, I do not have a time limit within which I have to wrap up, which gives me the freedom to talk about a topic in detail.

However, my offline content is more appreciated by players, hence Aura Live has less subscribers than Gaming Aura. Nevertheless, I can enjoy livestreams a lot.

Q. Alpha Zegus is one of the well-known marketing agencies that tries its best to help creators like you. Do you think it is important for streamers/content creators to be associated with an agency like this? How has Alpha Zegus helped you out to become an accomplished YouTuber?

A. Honestly speaking, the support that Alpha Zegus has is really great. The job of a content creator is to stream and entertain people, if they then try to capture the market, they might compromise on their main work which might be detrimental. Therefore, marketing agencies like these are very essential to enter the market.

One of the best aspects of Alpha Zegus is that they bring in brand associations. This way, the reach and brand value get elevated. They have helped me a lot and I enjoy working with them.

Q. Your channel already has over 967K subscribers and will soon reach the coveted 1 million mark. How do you plan on celebrating? Can viewers expect a different kind of video to mark the happy moment?

A. I have a lot of things planned out for the coveted mark of one million subscribers. I will take a break and go on a short trip to my hometown.

After reaching one million subscribers I would like to work on my personality and improve my channel. Coming to different kinds of videos, players can expect to see vlogs.

Q. Lastly, what are your tips and tricks for Free Fire content creators who want to become successful YouTubers?

A. The first and foremost thing that creators need to understand is that they have to be unique. Originality is important and blatantly copying the work of others will not work. Create your own unique style so that the audience can come and see you.

If you dedicate your time and effort, you will surely get to see the results. Develop your personality and try to connect with your followers!

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Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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