New AN94 Evil Howler to soon be available in Free Fire MAX, leaks suggest

AN94 Evil Howler leaked (Image via Sportskeeda)
AN94 Evil Howler leaked (Image via Sportskeeda)

New leaks pertaining to the upcoming Free Fire MAX Evo gun skin have surfaced on the internet. If true, the new Evo gun skin is called Evo AN94 - Evil Howler, and it is just around the corner.

VIP Clown, a popular data miner in the Indian community, posted multiple videos on his Instagram handle showcasing the new gun skin. His notoriety for providing reliable details of new events before their release enhances the credibility of these leaks.

Read through to learn more about the leaked skin in Free Fire MAX.

New Evo AN94 gun skin to soon be available in Free Fire MAX

Evo gun skins are consistently ranked among the most coveted items in Free Fire MAX since they provide the most desirable characteristics and appearance to the firearm. Garena has regularly introduced and relaunched these in-demand skins on the Indian server.

According to an Instagram post by VIP Clown, the new AN94 - Evil Howler skin will be available to players in India, Singapore, and Bangladesh servers between December 7 and December 11, 2022.

It is likely to be available through the Faded Wheel, as has been the case with all the previous gun skins of this particular category. This Luck Royale is not free, and users will have to spend diamonds to make spins and draw attractive rewards.

The cost of acquiring the eight rewards from this Faded Wheel is usually set at 1082 diamonds. Hence, players can expect to draw the AN94 - Evil Howler and the other seven rewards for the number of diamonds mentioned above.

Like every Evo gun skin in Free Fire MAX, it will likely have an exclusive emote, kill effects, hit effects, an announcement, and a unique ability. To gain all of these benefits, players must upgrade their skin to level 7.

This will entail using unique tokens, i.e., Evil Eyes (AN94), which will most likely cost a few thousand diamonds. Such tokens can be acquired through crates, purchased through the store, or even obtained via events.

Evo guns are cheaper to acquire but costlier to upgrade (Image via Garena)
Evo guns are cheaper to acquire but costlier to upgrade (Image via Garena)

Thus, the acquisition of the gun skin will be relatively cost-effective. However, to get everything out of it, users will need to spend a lot.

All the details mentioned above about the new Evo gun skin are only leaks and must be treated with a pinch of salt. While Garena has not officially announced the new AN94 - Evil Howler or its details in Free Fire MAX, players may anticipate hearing more about it in the coming days.

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