"People told me about PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, but we love Free Fire more": Dushing Brothers of Chemin Esports

Anand and Swastik are popularly referred to as the Dushing brothers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Anand and Swastik are popularly referred to as the Dushing brothers (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire tournaments are all the rage and the talk of the battle royale gaming world is the World Esports Cup 2021. This international tournament will see the top-four teams from three countries, India, Pakistan and Nepal, duke it out in the Grand Finals.

The Dushing Brothers, who represent Chemin Esports are one of the top four teams that performed well in the India Finals, thereby securing a spot in the Grands Finals. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee Anand and Swastik Dushing talk about their journey as professional esports players.

Dushing Brothers on their Free Fire professional gaming experience

Q. Hello Anand and Swastik! Tell us about your journey in the world of esports and gaming. How did the idea of becoming a professional Free Fire gamer come to be?

Anand: The journey so far has been quite amazing. We had to struggle and grind a lot to succeed. The Free Fire India Today League 2019 inspired us to become professional gamers.

Q. When you decided to pursue gaming as a full-time career, were your parents supportive, or did it take a lot of convincing?

Anand: When we decided to pursue gaming as a full-time career, our parents were quite supportive. It did require a little bit of convincing at the start, but they were quite supportive throughout the journey.

Q. You're both part of Chemin Esports. Can you tell us a bit more about your roster and with whom your synergies are the best?

Anand: Our team includes Radhe Thakor, Wizardo, and Bheem (aside from us) and their respective roles are that of IGL (in-game leader) and Rusher, Supporter, and Rusher respectively.

I have the best understanding and synergy with Wizardo.

Swastik: My best synergy is with Anand.

Q. What made you choose it over other popular mobile games like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile?

Anand: I used to play Clash of Clans until one of my friends told me about Free Fire. We used to play it together. Later on, people told me about PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile, but deep down, I loved Free Fire over these games.

Q. The Free Fire OB31 update was recently released on 1 December 2021. What was the best feature of the latest update that you both liked?

Anand: The new OB31 update’s best feature is Chrono's nerfed ability. The character’s nerf created an enormous impact in the esports world.

Q. How much time do you dedicate towards playing Free Fire in one day?

Anand: We try to play each and every scrim possible and also indulge in friendly 4 vs 4 matches with some of the top teams in order to improve our skills. We generally spend 12-13 hours per day playing Free Fire.

Q. Since the esports scenario in India has vastly evolved over the course of two years, what changes are you expecting to see in this year’s Esports Cup compared to 2019?

Anand: Since the scenario has seen vast changes, I expect there will be better gameplay and a larger audience. During the World Esports Cup 2019, only a few people had excellent gaming knowledge, but now, everyone wants to be an esports player and have gained a lot of in-game knowledge in the process.

Q. What are your words of advice to players who are fighting hard to become prolific professional gamers?

Anand: I would like to suggest that they focus on the goal and practice with their squad. They should also play tournaments carefully and analyze Free Fire matches to work on their mistakes.

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