“TSM.FTX’s focus is to represent India and become Free Fire World Champions”: Titas "Stoner" Roy

Titas "Stoner" Roy, TSM.FTX Free Fire roster memeber
Titas "Stoner" Roy, TSM.FTX Free Fire roster memeber

When it comes to mobile esports in India, Free Fire has taken over a huge chunk of the industry as Garena continues to introduce more tournaments.

With this increase in popularity and market, more players are joining daily while others are already well-known in India. The old Free Fire roster of Sixth Sense is one of the most popular rosters in the country.

As the Free Fire market grew in India, a well-known international organization TSM took interest in the already established roster of Sixth Sense.

Not long ago, the company signed the whole roster under its banner, and TSM.FTX squad was formed. In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Esports’ Subhradeep Mukherjee, TSM.FTX’s Free Fire roster member Titas “Stoner” Roy shared his views on this partnership and their journey as a team so far.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview.

Q: Every player has their own origin story, something that defines the start of their journey or rather their motive to enter the esports scene as a professional. What is your story behind joining Free Fire as a professional?

Stoner: I first joined Free Fire just for fun. I started to become quite good at it, and there was a time when many people were doubting my skills because I played so well. Then I decided to join esports as I made my own squad. After a while, I got invited by a better squad and am currently in the best squad. This journey took a lot of grinding to achieve and I am extremely happy to be where I am.

Q: For an international esports organization to enter the Free Fire esports scene with an Indian roster must make you guys take pride in your capabilities. With this, do you guys think you are finally getting the proper amount of recognition?

Stoner: Yes, it is great to have an international organization own our team, and we were very excited to join under the banner of TSM.FTX.


Q: Keeping individual recognition aside, this marks a huge step for India as an international body took interest in an esports title by signing an Indian roster. How proud does it make you feel to represent India in the international market?

Stoner: Once we knew that we were joining the roster of TSM.FTX, we were extremely happy and proud because all the hard work and midnight grinding proved useful.

Q: Even though the whole roster is well acquainted with each other, where does the roster stand, confidence-wise?

Stoner: We look forward to becoming the champions!

Q: Since the ban of PUBGM last year in India, a lot of known faces from the game have migrated towards Free Fire. It surely inflated the total player base, but how much competitiveness did it bring along with the increase in numbers?

Stoner: PUBG getting banned changed nothing in the competition of esports. However, this ban facilitated a lot of opportunities as Garena started to bring tournaments more often.

Q: With the release of BGMI in India, do you think this might affect the Free Fire esports scene in any way?

Stoner: I don’t think it is going to be any different because those who love BGMI will support it and those who love Free Fire will support Free Fire. It’s just a subjective matter.


Q: Defeating big teams from other countries in the Free Fire Tri-Series 2021 seemed like bread and butter to you guys. What was your experience going up against such big names?

Stoner: The main point being, we believed that we are the best. So, no matter who or what team we were up against, it did not matter at all.

Q: In terms of gameplay and technology, how well equipped do you think Indian teams are in comparison to other countries?

Stoner: Currently, there are a lot of Free Fire players in India that show optimum gameplay. But they are constrained by a lack of proper internet connection or device. Other than that, Indian players currently show very promising gameplay when it comes to Free Fire. But experience-wise, players from our country lag a lot behind players from Thailand and other SEA countries.


Q: The next big step is to enter the SEA esports scene and dominate big names in the whole region. How is the team fairing in terms of practice to achieve that set goal?

Stoner: Our focus is to become the best in India and earn the right to compete, represent India on the world stage and become World Champions.

Q: Every player has a role model who they follow. Some join esports following in their footsteps, while others strive to become better. In your case, is there any person whom you idolized while getting better in Free Fire?

Stoner: Even though it is true for a lot of players, I did not have anyone to look up to. I watched a lot of gameplay videos in order to become the very best at what I do.

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