Two more teams disqualified from Free Fire City Open 2021 Vizag finals for violating rules

The Free Fire City Open 2021 continues to see controversy (Image via Free Fire)
The Free Fire City Open 2021 continues to see controversy (Image via Free Fire)

The Free Fire City Open 2021 is in its penultimate stages, with only two city finals remaining. Garena officials have been vigilant throughout the tournament, conducting thorough verifications before and after every event and showcasing zero tolerance for any rule violation.

In the past few weeks, the officials have disqualified various teams because of rule breaks. Now, in the latest development, Garena has disqualified two teams from the FFCO Vizag Finals for violating rules.

Players named Risky, Hotshot, Avd1n03, and Sai from Team Gaming With Dino shared their accounts with Agent 47, Yash, Applee, and MrWinner from Team Appledinoff during the online qualifiers (FFC Mode).

This is a clear breach of the FFCO 2021 rulebook, which states:

Rule 8.3.1: All participants are expected to play at their best at all times within any match of Free Fire in any tournaments conducted by Garena. Offenders who violate this rule will be subject to penalties from light sanction to extraordinary sanction at the sole discretion of Garena officials.

Rule Smurfing: Using another player or participant's account

Both these teams, i.e., Gaming with Dino and Appledioff, and their players have received 'Severe Sanctions,' resulting in immediate disqualification from the tournament. They will be replaced by the next best team in the region.

Additionally, Team LCG Esports requested officials to forgo their Wildcard Finals slot due to personal reasons. After review, Garena forfeited their space and awarded it to the next best team.

The Vizag Finals is scheduled for this coming Friday, i.e., July 9th, while the Wildcard Finals will occur on July 16th.

About Free Fire City Open 2021

Free Fire City Open 2021 schedule
Free Fire City Open 2021 schedule

The Free Fire City Open 2021 is a first-ever city-based tournament with a massive prize pool of ₹60 Lakhs. The event started on June 4th and will conclude with the National Championship on August 15th.

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