Spirit Fox vs Falco in Free Fire: Comparing the abilities of the two pets

There are currently 14 pets available now in Garena Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
There are currently 14 pets available now in Garena Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

Pets play a crucial role in improving a player's gameplay in Garena Free Fire. This is because they have special abilities that help the player overcome their opponents in a match.

There are currently 14 pets available now in Free Fire, with Dreki being the latest addition.

This article discusses the abilities of two of the most popular characters in the game, Spirit Fox and Falco, to determine who is a better pick.

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Assessing the abilities of Falco and Spirit Fox in Free Fire

Spirit Fox's ability - Well Fed

Spirit Fox in Garena Free Fire
Spirit Fox in Garena Free Fire

Spirit Fox has an ability called Well Fed which, at its default level, can restore an extra 4 HPs when the player uses a health pack.

When it is maximized to pet level 7 and skill level 3, this ability can restore an extra 10 HP when the players uses a health pack.

Falco's ability - Skyline Spree

Falco in Garena Free Fire
Falco in Garena Free Fire

Falco has an impressive ability called Skyline Spree. At its base level, the ability provides a 15 percent increment in gliding speed and a 25 percent increase in diving speed after the player's parachute opens. These effects will apply to the whole squad.

At the maximum level, the gliding speed will go up by 45 percent, while the diving speed will increase by 50 percent.

Verdict: Who is better?


Both Spirit Fox and Falco are great pets to have in Free Fire. However, based on the viability of use and the benefits offered, Spirit Fox is the best pick between the two.

While Falco is useful at the start of a match, its ability is limited to landing. It only helps players when they jump from the plane and has no practical use in the actual battle.

Spirit Fox, on the other hand, assists players on the battleground throughout the match. Its ability restores extra HPs when players use medkits, making it extremely handy when one is engaged in combat.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the individual opinion of the writer. The choice of pets is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual's playing style.

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