Top 10 Free Fire MAX players in the world (2022)

Gameplay is the key reason for these players' popularity (Image via Sportskeeda)
Gameplay is the key reason for these players' popularity (Image via Sportskeeda)

Since the release of Free Fire MAX, it has gained an immense number of users globally. The improved version of Free Fire has fascinated players even more because of its better graphics, animation, and other optimizations.

Moreover, it has served as fuel to the entire growing community. With increased frequency, gamers are creating a plethora of FF-centered content on their YouTube channels. Their extraordinary gameplay has always been the center of attraction for their fans.

However, the majority still prefer to play the older variant and that holds true for the players in the following list as well.

Note: Since Free Fire MAX is a mobile game, the following list consists of only mobile players for fair rankings. Also, the players and their ranks in the list are solely determined by the writer and reflect his personal opinion.

List of the best Free Fire MAX players in the world in 2022

1) Nobru


Bruno Goes, aka Nobru, is a renowned personality in Free Fire's worldwide community. The gamer from Brazil has carried several titles as an esports athlete. Nobru is also the co-founder and CEO of a successful esports team, Fluxo. His in-game UID is 228159683.

Nobru is Bruno's YouTube channel name, which has a massive number of subscribers, amounting to 13.3 million. The channel has received over 885 million views in total, with 749 uploads.

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2) Killer FF


A popular esports player from India, Aditya Sikarwar, aka Killer FF, is known for his excellent skills in making accurate headshots in tournaments. He currently belongs to the esports team Orangutan Elite. His in-game UID is 410558205.

Aditya's YouTube channel, Killer FF, has accumulated over 398K subscribers and 23 million views, with 127 uploads. He usually films tournament highlights and gameplay on the channel.

3) TSG Legend


A talented gamer from India, Bhavesh Lakhwani is popularly known as TSG Legend (channel name) in the game alias. He is a professional esports contender and a content creator on YouTube. Bhavesh is part of the "TSG ARMY" esports team. His Free Fire ID is 1119846627.

TSG Legend has a mammoth number of subscribers on YouTube, standing at 1.21 million. With 298 uploads, the channel has gained over 100 million views.

4) White FF


White FF is a well-known Free Fire content creator on YouTube. The magnificent mobile player belongs to Brazil and is known for his outstanding precision in headshots, dealing only with red numbers. His in-game UID is 43472822.

White FF has garnered a tremendous number of subscribers, boasting over 2.14 million. His 298 uploads have piled up a total of 213 million views so far.

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5) Tahirfuego FF


Tahirfuego FF (channel name) is an esports player from India. The versatile player has fantastic skills and makes headshots with extremely fast movements. He is currently a part of the esports team "Nigma Galaxy". Tahirfuego FF's Free Fire ID is 648859472.

His YouTube channel, Tahirfuego FF, has garnered the support of more than 381K subscribers. With a total of 132 uploads, his content has been viewed over 34 million times in total.

6) Jack FF


Jack FF (channel name) is a marvelous mobile player from Morocco, North Africa. The talented gamer has a great aptitude for shooting accurate headshots patiently with no brakes at all. Jack FF's Free Fire ID is 521058817 and plays on the Middle East server.

His YouTube channel has crossed 2.28 million subscribers and an aggregate of 161 million views even though he has not been active on the channel for more than five months. So far, there have only been 117 uploads on the channel.

7) Pahadi Gaming


Lokesh Karakoti, renowned as Pahadi, is a famous personality in the Indian Free Fire community. He is an esports athlete and a content creator on YouTube. Pahadi is regarded as the best sniper player in the country and has also won the "Sniper of the Year" title in his career.

He is currently playing from the esports team called "Orangutan Elite". Pahadi Gaming's in-game UID is 147098967.

Pahadi Gaming is his first YouTube channel with over 1.44 million subscribers, where he often does livestreams. Pahadi Gamer, the second channel, has also been able to get nearly the same support.

The former has accumulated over 111 million views, with 577 uploads.

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8) M8N


M8N (channel name) is an Egyptian gamer who plays Free Fire on mobile. However, he is often glimpsed playing on PC. He is a content creator as well as an esports contender.

M8N has been recognized globally due to his excellent gameplay. His in-game UID is 608823917, and he plays the shooter on the Middle East server.

M8N has gained a massive number of subscribers, with over 6.87 million on his YouTube channel. With 223 uploads, the channel has garnered 414 million views in total.

9) Zerox FF


Zerox FF (channel name) is a skilled gamer from Nepal. He is famous for his breakneck speed in deploying gloo walls. He is fast with the movements and very good in custom room matches.

Zerox FF's Free Fire UID is 241369622 and plays Battle Royale on the Bangladesh server. His YouTube channel has over 218K subscribers and has been viewed 16 million times in total, with 190 uploads.

10) Raistar


Raistar is arguably the fastest player in India. He is at the end of this list because he rarely plays the shooter on mobile now. Raistar is one of the most recognized Indian players in the world. His in-game UID is 12022250.

His YouTube channel, Rai Star, has piled up more than 6.7 million subscribers and 155 million views despite his infrequent schedule of featuring content. Only 35 videos have been uploaded to the channel till now.

Note: The data and information shown for each player is accurate as of April 7, 2022.

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