10 best Free Fire characters in 2022 (updated)

Many users hunt for the best character in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Many users hunt for the best character in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

Characters are central to Free Fire gameplay since they significantly influence the experience through their unique abilities. These can be roughly classified as active or passive, with the former requiring manual activation in most situations.

The game features over 40 options, which are continuously balanced or reworked by the developers with every passing update. Despite this enormous number, those with active abilities have a substantially higher impact on the game's ultimate result than their passive counterparts.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and gamers from the country should refrain from installing or playing the game. Instead, they may opt for Free Fire MAX.

Best Free Fire character in 2022

1) Alok


Alok creates a 5m wide aura, which boosts the movement speed by 10%, and replenishes 5 HP every second until the ability is active. It works for 5 seconds and has a cooldown time of 45 seconds.

The healing and movement speed has made it an excellent option for casual and competitive Free Fire players alike.

2) K


K is an in-game person of KSHMR and primarily influences the EP. It boosts the maximum EP by 50 and has two other modes. The first Jiu-jitsu mode offers the allies within 6m with a 500% increase in EP conversion rate. In the meantime, the second Psychology mode recovers 3 EP every 2.2 seconds up to 150 EP. It can be switched every three seconds.

K after the buff in the Free Fire OB31 update is at par with Alok or even better in some situations, and players have shifted to it.

3) Dimitri


Dimitri's Healing Heartbeat is in similar vein to Alok and creates a 3.5m diameter healing zone. Players will receive 3HP every second, and even those knocked out in this zone will have the option to self-recover. The zone is only available for 10 seconds, but the cooldown is 85 seconds.

It can be viewed as a slightly inferior version of Alok, but with the additional perk of revival during the zone. Moreover, the zone is immovable.

4) Skyler


Riptide Rhythm unleashes a sonic wave in a particular direction that damages 5 Gloo Walls within 50m, and the cooldown is set at 60 seconds. The deployment of the Gloo Wall will cause an increase in HP recovery, starting from 4 points.

Skyler is considered one of the best characters for players performing the rusher role in Free Fire, as it can help break opponents' cover and take down opponents easily.

5) Xayne


Xayne offers 80 HP, which decays over time, besides an 80% increased damage to the Gloo Walls and shields when the ability is active. The ability lasts for 15 seconds and the cooldown is 150 seconds.

The character is suitable for aggressive gameplay in Free Fire since the extra HP offers a buffer. Additional damage can take down enemies' cover.

6) Steffie


Painted Refuge creates a 4m wide area that neutralizes the throwables. Besides this, the allies in the area will replenish 10% armor durability per second while also reducing the damage from bullets by 10 seconds. The zone lasts for 10 seconds, and the cooldown is 115 seconds.

Steffie is now an excellent option for players to have in the squad. It can be a good option for users in Clash Squad and regular Battle Royale matches after the recent Free Fire update.

7) A124


A124 unleashes an 8m electromagnetic wave that will disable enemies' skill activation and interrupt their interaction cooldown. This effect will last for 20 seconds, and the cooldown will be set at 100 seconds.

After the new rework, A124 can quickly shut down opponents in close proximity, causing chaos among the players.

8) Wukong


Wukong transforms into a bush with a 20% reduction in the movement speed. This lasts for 10 seconds, but this will end when users attack their opponent. This can be utilized again in 200 seconds, but this resets once they knock out the foe.

He can undoubtedly prove to be a triumph card in the Clash Squad mode, as they can sneak close to their opponents and take them down effortlessly with shotguns.

9) Chrono


Chrono offers a force field to users, blocking 800 damage, and gamers cannot shoot their opponents from within. The shield lasts for four seconds and has a massive cooldown of 180 seconds at the first level.

Chrono is still a good option for players. It enables them to get cover while in the open, offering a window to heal or revive their teammates.

10) Jota


Jota has a passive ability which regains some HP when users HP the opponents with the gun. Knocking down the opponent will recover 10% HP for the users.

On its own, this ability may not have the most significant impact. However, the combination will undoubtedly offer a better advantage.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinion, and the abilities stated in the article are at their lowest level after the Free Fire OB33 update. Moreover, it is in no particular order.

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