3 reasons why Xayne is better than Skyler in Free Fire

Explaining why Xayne is better than Skyler in Free Fire
Explaining why Xayne is better than Skyler in Free Fire

After Free Fire's OB27 update, many new features and system UI changes were seen in-game. Also, two new characters, Maro and Xayne, were introduced. While the latter is purchasable, Maro is yet to be released in the game.

Xayne seems to pack a lot of punch, as her character description says. She seems more potent than most other characters in the game. As her abilities are at par with Skyler to some extent, it is reasonable to say that she can even overpower him in several situations.

This article explains some significant reasons why Xayne can gain the upper hands over Skyler.

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Why Xayne is better than Skyler in Free Fire

#1 - Xayne's incredible ability

Xayne in Free Fire
Xayne in Free Fire

According to her biography in Free Fire, Xayne is an extreme athlete who enjoys traveling and owns an active ability called Xtreme Encounter.

In the most basic stage (level 1), this ability grants players 80 HP for a limited period. It also increases gloo wall and shield damage by 40%. The effects last for 10 seconds and have a 150-second cooldown.

At its highest level (level 6), Xtreme Encounter does 100% damage to gloo walls and shields. In the meantime, the cooldown interval is shortened to 100 seconds.

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#2 - Has better HP boosting advantage


Skyler offers an HP boosting advantage to the players, but it is less effective. Players require gloo walls to deploy them and, only then can Skyler regenerate 4 HPs.

Xayne, on the other hand, offers temporary 80HP at level 1 and 100 HP at level 6, providing a massive boost during intense combats. Whether aggressive or passive, players can opt for Xayne, as she offers a better and greater HP advantage than Skyler during fights.

#3 - A better choice for skill combos


As Xayne's HP boosting skill is better than Skyler, players can opt for her when adding skill combos instead of Skyler. She also compensates for Skyler's gloo wall destroying ability. She offers a decent 40% damage to gloo walls and shields at level 1 and a massive 100% damage at level 6.

She can also make up for the skills of DJ Alok as well with her HP boosting ability. So, it is reasonable enough to say that she can be a better choice over Skyler for skill combos.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the writer's personal opinion and just presents a thesis as to why Xayne can be a better option than Skyler.

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