5 reasons why A124 is overpowered in Free Fire

A124 has arguably become the best character to use in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
A124 has arguably become the best character to use in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

A124's ability got a massive upgrade following the Free Fire OB33 update. It went from relying on EP to heal the character to be able to shut down the competition. This alone should be reason enough as to why she's overpowered, but there are more other factors at play.

Given how the ability works at present, the entire dynamics of the character have shifted.


A124 has gone from being a self-sufficient aggressive healer to an all-out aggressive pusher. That being said, here are a few reasons why she's become a meta-character in the game.

Note: Indian players must avoid playing Free Fire since it is banned in the country.

Five reasons why A124 is the most powerful character in Free Fire

5) Low Cost


When it comes to buying characters in Free Fire, players need to spend a lot of diamonds. The most expensive characters, such as DJ Alok and Chrono, cost 599 diamonds each. A124, on the other hand, only costs 399 diamonds. The price difference of 200 diamonds compared to utility in combat is astronomical.

Despite being priced lower than some of the best characters in the game, A124 ranks higher in terms of utility and usefulness. Following the rework, she can be used in various ways in combat, which makes her far more valuable than many top-tier characters.

4) Good for solo and team matches


Before the Free Fire OB33 update, A124's ability, Thrill Of Battle, was only good for healing. This limited the character to solo matches as the core ability had no benefit in squads. Without other support abilities, the character didn't do much in most matches. However, after the update, all of that has changed.

With the ability to shut down opponents' abilities at close-range, she has become vital in squad fights. If a player can rush in and activate their ability next to the enemy team, all of them will lose their tactical edge in combat. Without being able to use their abilities, they'll be put at a disadvantage.

3) Ability has a long duration


Once A124's ability is activated, opponents will not be able to use their abilities for 20 seconds. While this timeframe may not sound like much, the average encounter at close-range barely lasts for 10 seconds in Free Fire. Nevertheless, this is somewhat balanced out by a long cooldown time of 100 seconds.

However, as the character is leveled up and reaches the maximum level, the ability's duration increases to 60 seconds. Not being able to use abilities in combat for a minute is a scary situation to be in. Furthermore, it only takes 50 seconds to cool down. This truly makes it one of the most broken abilities in the game.

2) The only character in the game who can shut down opponents


While there are a lot of powerful attacking, defensive, and supporting characters in Free Fire, A124 is the only one who can shut down opponents. Her ability to render the enemy's abilities useless is unique in the game. In essence, there is no effective counter against her.

Once an enemy has been affected by an electromagnetic wave, they will be forced to rely on weapons alone to try and win the fight. In the best-case scenario, they'll be able to rotate out of the area safely while taking minimal damage.

Worst case scenario involves the enemy desperately trying to survive but being eliminated all the same.

1) Limitless combo possibilities


Before the OB33 Free Fire update, A124 had minimal combo possibilities. Given that the core ability was related to healing, there weren't many supplementary abilities that went well with the character. However, following the rework, different combo possibilities have exponentially grown.

Given that the core ability works at close-range, players can now use Bushido to deal extra damage with shotguns. Sustained Raids to heal in combat and Dash for extra speed to get into position quickly. This opens up numerous tactical options for both solo and squad matches.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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