Top 3 Free Fire gloo wall tricks used by pro players

Gloo wall tricks help players escape/gain kills in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Gloo wall tricks help players escape/gain kills in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Free Fire, a top-rated battle royale game, offers HD quality graphics and intense, action-packed maps and modes. Users can get an exhilarating survival experience with a massive armory, vehicles, and eye-catching features.

Gloo walls are one of the most widely known features of the title. With them, players can make an instant wall/shield-like structure. They can use gloo walls to save themselves and their teammates from enemy attacks.

Many astonishing gloo wall tricks are used by pro gamers to improve their gameplay and stats.

Insanely good gloo wall tricks used by Free Fire pro players

3) Sit-up gloo wall trick


The Sit-Up gloo wall trick is a fan favorite and used by lots of Free Fire pro gamers. It can easily be mastered with a faster finger movement which can be improved by going to the training ground to develop good muscle memory for their controls setup.

It will help users tap on the crouch button while placing a gloo wall much quicker. This trick is also handy in dodging headshot attacks from enemies.

2) 360° gloo wall trick


In the 360° gloo wall trick, players can quickly surround themselves with gloo walls to get cover from enemy bullets. Excellent reaction timing and some knowledge of gloo walls are necessary to do this trick.

Users are required to use the drag button and their analog so that there is no gap in the gloo wall placement. They can quickly use the drag and gloo wall button while moving the analog away from the drag button to get the 360-degree gloo wall cover.

1) Quick gloo wall trick


The most used trick by pro gamers for gloo walls is to use gloo wall grenades quickly. For this trick, sensitivity settings play a crucial role. They can make minor changes to their sensitivity settings and custom HUD settings.

It will enable players to tap on the gloo wall button much faster and change their camera angle towards the enemy side to use the gloo wall grenade. They must maintain their general sensitivity settings between 90 and 100 to get better results.

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