Top 5 Free Fire characters to buy with Gold Coins in October 2021

Best Free Fire characters to own through Gold Coins (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Best Free Fire characters to own through Gold Coins (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Francis Banerjee

Free Fire characters are one of the most significant aspects of the game. These characters possess several special abilities that help the gamer secure a victory when played with precision and strategy.

While popular characters such as DJ Alok are the best addition to the collection of gamers. However, players might have to reconsider their options given the high in-game costs. Not every gamer can purchase Diamonds to get these characters. They have to depend upon the available characters for Gold Coins.

Spend Gold Coins to acquire these superior characters in Free Fire

1) Laura


The first name on the Free Fire characters that can be obtained through Gold Coins is Laura. She is a lethal agent capable of undertaking a dangerous task and going all the way to secure a win for the gamer.

The Sharp Shooter's special ability is extremely potent and gives a 10% accuracy boost while scoped in at the base level. Using this ability, gamers can easily eliminate enemies with utmost precision and without wasting significant ammunition.

She is available for 8000 Gold Coins in the game.

2) Moco


Moco is another popular Free Fire character that can be obtained in the game with 8000 Gold Coins. Getting her as the playable character in the game will greatly impact the performance of gamers.

Her special ability is Enigma's Eyes which is used to keep a tab on enemies. Opponents who Moco shoots get tagged for almost two seconds at the base level. This is helpful to keep an eye on the enemies in case they want to escape after getting hit.

3) Maxim


Since the elimination of enemies is a significant aspect of Battle Royale games, gamers often have to engage in combat to wipe out enemies. During this process, they tend to lose substantial health and need to recover before facing other opponents.

Using the Maxim Free Fire character, gamers can experience an increase in the healing speed of 15% at the base level. This is due to his special ability called Gluttony.

Maxim is also available for 8000 Gold Coins in the game.

4) Hayato


A budding Samurai, Hayato is one of the most efficient Free Fire characters gamers can get for just 8000 Gold Coins. His Art of Blades ability enhances the penetrating powers and inflicts more significant damage to opponents.

Using this character is an advantage as gamers can quickly eliminate the opponent and quickly move on to the next one.

5) Miguel


Ability-wise, Miguel might not be as efficient as others on the list. However, that does not prove that he's incapable of providing gamers with some advantage in Free Fire.

He has the Crazy Slayer ability to grant 30 Ep for each kill at the base level. This Free Fire character is available for 8000 Gold Coins.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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