Top 5 Free Fire MAX guns with the highest damage (June 2022)

Best Free Fire MAX guns on the basis of damage (Image via Garena)
Best Free Fire MAX guns on the basis of damage (Image via Garena)

Free Fire MAX's release was intended to provide gamers with an enhanced quality of graphics alongside the familiar Free Fire content. Although the game needs some improvements, it still is a decent alternative for Free Fire if users are looking for more refined HD visuals.

Apart from the looks, Free Fire MAX and its original eponymous variant are essentially the same game. Except for a few features, one can find the same weapons and skills in either game; players can enjoy the same high-octane action in both Battle Royale games.

Disclaimer: The following list includes each category's weapons with the highest damage stats. Otherwise, only Shotguns and Snipers would take all places in the listicle due to their superior damage ratings.

Listing Garena Free Fire MAX weapons based on their damage-dealing ability (June 2022)

Damage rating is crucial as it determines how quickly players can finish off their opponents in any combat scenario. The MAX variant provides an array of firearms that allow users to deal heavy damage to enemies at different ranges.

Readers can have a look at the top five Free Fire MAX guns with the greatest damage in June 2022 below.

5) VSS (sub-machine gun)


Damage - 54

Sub-machine guns are known for their high fire rate and low range, making them suitable for close-quarter fights. Although damage is not the strong point of most SMGs in Free Fire MAX, the quick-fire stability makes them highly effective and easy to handle.

However, if players are looking for an SMG with high damage-dealing capabilities, they should go for VSS. It boasts a damage rating of 54, the highest among all sub-machine guns in Free Fire MAX.

4) Kord (light-machine gun)


Damage - 59

Garena's Battle Royale shooter has three light-machine guns, which offer assistance in medium-range battles. Although the fire rate of an LMG makes it unsuitable for close-quarter scuffles, the massive magazine can allow users to finish off an entire enemy squad in a match. Pulling such a feat, however, may require decent movement skills.

Kord provides the highest damage rating among the light-machine guns in the game. That said, if players consider overall attributes, M249 has a slight edge over Kord with better stats.

3) M14 (assault rifle)


Damage - 77

The next category is assault rifles, the most balanced guns in Free Fire MAX. They usually offer a decent rate of fire, damage, range, and movement speed. The only downside seems to be that the recoil on these weapons may lead to instability.

M14 is an AR that boasts superior range and damage, which makes it seem like a marksman rifle. Thus, players can use the M14 in a match for long-range fights if they don't find any sniper.

2) AWM (sniper rifle/marksman rifle)


Damage - 90

Long-range fights demand accuracy, a higher range rating, and increased damage; a rapid rate of fire is unnecessary. Thus, marksman rifles and snipers are the most suitable options in the game to finish off enemies efficiently with one or two shots from afar.

The air drop-exclusive sniper, AWM, is the most suitable if users are looking for a weapon with an impressive damage rating. Furthermore, the other attributes of AWM also make it the best long-range option among all other sniper and marksman rifles.

1) M1887 (shotgun)


Damage - 100

Shotguns, like sub-machine guns, are short-range weapons, using their low-range rating and high damage-dealing capabilities to their advantage. Players can quickly execute one-shot kills during a match if their shot properly lands on the target. Getting accurate with shotguns, however, might turn out to be a challenge.

A shotgun requires mastery of aiming and movement. If players consider the damage rating of shotguns, M1887 is the superior option in Free Fire and its MAX variant, and it also has the highest range among other weapons in its class as well as a decent firing rate.

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