Top 5 landing locations in Free Fire for aggressive players

Best places to land in Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari
Best places to land in Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari

Each map in Free Fire has a different backdrop and ensures a unique experience for its players. The game has three battle royale maps that players can choose from - Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari.

Free Fire's Battle Royale matches feature a total of 50 players and can last for around 10 minutes. While some players prefer a passive style of playing, many players are more interested in aggressive gameplay.

Best places to land in Free Fire for aggressive gameplay

These are five of the best places that players must choose if they are into aggressive gameplay:

1. Mill (Bermuda)


The Mill in Bermuda is one of the best spots to land as it is filled with good gear. Since it provides great loot, it is often chosen by many players. So Free Fire gamers who have the confidence to defeat enemies early on can choose to land in this north-western region of Bermuda.

2. Refinery (Kalahari)


Free Fire gamers who are into aggressive gameplay will have a thrilling time in this place as there will be lots of enemies to kill. Since the place is located near the center of the map, it is also a suitable place to camp while the safe zone gradually diminishes. Refinery also has good loot.

3. Bimasakti Strip (Bermuda)


Players looking for action cannot ignore the Bimasakti Strip in Bermuda, where buildings on both sides of the road offer enough loot for a squad or two. Since it is a popular place, players will get to face their enemies quite frequently.

4. Confinement (Kalahari)


Located on the north-western side of Kalahari, this place is a treasure trove for players who love to stock up on supplies. Due to the good loot, players often land here. Aggressive gamers can experience the best of both worlds in terms of loots and kills.

5. Brasilia (Purgatory)


Purgatory does not have many places where players can enjoy aggressive gameplay, except for this one. Located at the center of the map, Brasilia is considered a hot-drop location by many players. High-tier gear and powerful weapons ensure that aggressive gamers are well equipped to defeat their enemies.

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