Top 5 rare Free Fire items released in 2021

This is one of the rarest items released this year (Image via Free Fire)
This is one of the rarest items released this year (Image via Free Fire)
Aniket Thakkar

Free Fire players have plenty of cosmetic items at their disposal, with developers regularly expanding the list of available ones. These are visually appealing and available via various mediums like events, in-game store, Luck Royales and more.

Players cannot get enough cosmetics and look forward to acquiring as many as feasible. Most of the time, the rare ones are usually available during events that only run for a limited period. Here are a few of the rare items released in 2021.

Note: The list of rewards given below is based on the writer's preference. Moreover, items from different categories have been listed for a more inclusive list.

Top 5 rare Free Fire items released in 2021

Gloo Wall – Cobra Strike


The Project Cobra campaign was incorporated in February 2021, and users could attain many rewards, one of which was the Cobra Strike Gloo Wall. The legendary item was part of the Cobra Party event, where users stood a chance to acquire the design.

Players had to spin the wheel using diamonds to have a chance at receiving it in-game. A regular spin costed 19 diamonds, while the super spin required 99 diamonds. However, they were assured a Cobra collection item for every five super spins.

The Cobra-themed appearance made the Gloo Wall a priced asset within Free Fire.

SCAR – Megalodon Alpha


SCAR – Megalodon Alpha is one of the rarest and finest SCAR gun skins available in the game. It was the first Evo Gun skin in 2021, added to the Faded Wheel in January this year.

All Evo Gun skins are by nature rare and sought after; however, this skin has not been reintroduced since its first release. Also, to unlock all its perks, players will require Shark Tooth tokens. At the highest level, the gun possesses these stats:

  • Damage: "+"
  • Rate of Fire: "++"
  • Reload Speed: "-"

Dribble King


Emotes will always have a special position in the minds of Free Fire gamers as they strive to collect as much of these as possible.

The Dribble King is a legendary emote added to Free Fire in November. It was made accessible along with a legendary Loot Box skin via a top-up emote, which ran between 17 November and 21 November.

Players had to purchase 500 diamonds to attain it for free. The character performs an incredible action as it dribbles a ball upon its activation.

McLaren P1 – Helios


Free Fire x McLaren was one of the most exciting collaborations in 2021. There were special events and tons of cosmetics items, including surfboard and gloo wall skins. McLaren P1 – Helios was among the many car skins made available to the users.

Garena added this through a top-up event just after the Free Fire OB28 update, like the Dribble King emote. Users could collect McLaren P1 – Helios after purchasing 200 diamonds.

Cobra Rage bundle


Cobra Rage is at the top position on this list and was first available in February as part of the Cobra Ascension event.

It is the first bundle in Free Fire to include a particular function to change the color of the individual items. It also has several other perks, including emote lead, exclusive emote, arrival animation, and parachute animation.

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