Top 5 reasons why every player should have the Miguel character in Free Fire

Miguel, an underrated Free Fire character (Image via Sportskeeda)
Miguel, an underrated Free Fire character (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire offers players a plethora of unique features and characters. The latter aid players on the virtual ground in various circumstances.

There are over 30 Free Fire characters. Miguel is one of the most undervalued ones, though he has great abilities to benefit most players.

This article discusses some of the best reasons why every player should get Miguel in Free Fire.

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Five best reasons to obtain Miguel in Free Fire

#1 - Miguel's ability

Miguel in Free Fire
Miguel in Free Fire

Miguel is one of the earliest characters in Free Fire. According to the in-game description, he is the commander of a section in the special forces and has a passive ability called Crazy Slayer. At its base level, the power can gain 30 EP for each kill.

At his maximum potential, Miguel can gain 80 EP for each kill. Hence, he has great potential and can be most optimum for aggressive gameplay styles.

#2 - Clash Squad matches


Clash Squad matches are intense, short, and garner a lot of kills for each player. Hence, it is the best place for Miguel's ability to come in handy and be beneficial.

With each kill he secures in the Clash Squad round, his EP will automatically increase, giving him a constant HP boost throughout the match.

#3 - Suitable for aggressive gameplay


Players who like to rush and gather many kills must have this character.

As they secure each kill with their skills, Miguel's ability rewards them with extra EP points for each elimination.

#4 - Best for skill combos

Image via ShashankYT/YouTube
Image via ShashankYT/YouTube

Miguel's ability is beneficial as a combo skill slot. He can be combined with DJ Alok, Kelly, and Caroline, who will offer a constant healing source, increased movement speed, and high mobility with moderate weapons like shotguns.

All these, along with Miguel's EP gain ability with each kill, will benefit players on the ground.

#5 - During intense fights and rushing

Image via ShashankYT/YouTube
Image via ShashankYT/YouTube

Miguel's skill proves useful when rushing. While being in intense solo vs team battles or close fights, players usually don't have enough time to recover.

If players secure one kill, their EP would automatically be restored to some degree, causing the restoration HPs gradually. With this ability, the HP will further improve as the number of kills increases and the EP restores.

Disclaimer: The choice of a character is an individual decision, and this article reflects the writer's opinions.

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