Top 5 situations when gloo wall should be used in Free Fire

Image via Garena Free Fire
Image via Garena Free Fire
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Free Fire is a fun survival shooter game. It features action-packed 10-minute Battle Royales and intense clash squads. To win, players need to strategize and use gloo walls, grenades, and other items.

When players become comfortable with the gloo wall strategy, they can level up their game with the Mr. Waggor pet.

Note that guns like M82B can destroy gloo walls. So, players have to deploy double gloo walls to cover up better. Grenades and gloo walls can be a lethal combination.

Some situations where the gloo wall will come in handy in Free Fire

1) Trapping the enemy

Image via GamingonPhone
Image via GamingonPhone

The best use of gloo walls is to trap enemies inside the houses or on the upper side of the staircase. Rather than chasing the enemy inside a house, players can trap them with smoke grenades and gloo walls. The trick comes in handy in squad situations too.

2) Getting to the top

Image via Garena Free Fire
Image via Garena Free Fire

When a player is fully equipped with armor and weapons, the best strategy is to lie low while a few enemies are eliminated. In this case, a player can climb up to some unreachable places by stacking up gloo walls or forming a staircase.

It has a dual goal - the player stays unreachable at the top, and they can shoot other players in the vicinity.

3) Dashing towards a solid cover

Image via Garena Free Fire
Image via Garena Free Fire

If players need a solid cover or need to change their cover, gloo walls can shield them from any sudden ambush and bullet showers. However, especially when players need to change covers towards the end of the game, dashing without gloo walls can be risky.

4) Confusing or distracting enemies

Image via Gurugamer
Image via Gurugamer

The idea here is to plant a gloo wall or two to distract enemies. The enemies will likely waste some time figuring out whether a player is hiding behind the gloo wall or not. In an even better scenario, players can round back up behind the enemy and ambush them.

5) Healing yourself and buddies

Image via Actionbolt, YouTube
Image via Actionbolt, YouTube

In Free Fire squad situations, when a team member is injured, a squad member can deploy gloo walls. This provides immediate protection from bullet showers. As enemies take down gloo walls, the teammates can escape to better cover.


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