Top 5 most subscribed Free Fire YouTubers in India (2022)

Many content creators have risen to popularity due to Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Many content creators have risen to popularity due to Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

The success of Free Fire in India has aided the growth of overall Esports and content creation related to it. Many YouTubers have burst into the scene, accumulating a vast audience and gaining immense numbers in terms of subscriber count and viewership.

Some have even accomplished unprecedented feats. For example, Total Gaming reached a massive milestone of 30 million subscribers on YouTube, becoming the first Indian gaming channel to do so.

List of most subscribed Indian Free Fire YouTubers (2022)

5) Desi Gamers


Subscriber count: 12.4 million subscribers

The Desi Gamers YouTube channel is run by Amit Sharma, popularly known as Amitbhai in the Indian Free Fire community. Fans recognize him easily due to his humorous commentary.

He has been uploading game-related content for over three years and has also posted other funny and exciting videos. These include gameplays, challenges, and pranks.

4) Gyan Gaming


Subscriber count: 13.3 million subscribers

Sujan Mistri, aka Gyan Sujan, is the face behind the Gyan Gaming YouTube channel. At the time of writing, his channel’s view count stands at 1.87 billion, which is clear evidence of his mass popularity.

On top of this, he has 1.4 million followers on ‘BOOYAH!’, which Garena created for gaming content.

3) Lokesh Gamer


Subscriber count: 13.9 million subscribers

Lokesh Gamer is another well-known gaming content creator who uploads Free Fire-related videos. When compared to most other YouTubers on the platform, his videos are pretty distinctive.

The famous figure is also quite generous, and he frequently holds giveaways for his fans, where he tops-up diamonds into their accounts.

2) A_S Gaming


Subscriber count: 15.5 million subscribers

Sahil Rana’s YouTube channel, A_S Gaming, is the second-most subscribed Indian Free Fire YouTube channel. He has witnessed enormous growth within the last two years. For context, in January 2020, he only possessed 13 thousand subscribers.

The internet personality also has 1.7 million Instagram followers, illustrating his fame further.

1) Total Gaming


Subscriber count: 30.5 million subscribers

As most people already know, Ajjubhai, also known as Total Gaming, holds the number one spot. He has a massive fan base worldwide, and aside from Free Fire, he also makes videos for Minecraft and GTA 5.

Note: The numbers mentioned above were recorded at the time of writing and are subject to change.

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