Top 5 most subscribed Indian Free Fire YouTubers in July 2021

Best Free Fire YouTubers in India (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best Free Fire YouTubers in India (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire emerged as a game-changer after the downfall of the wildly popular PUBG Mobile in the Indian market. The primary reason behind its rise was the compact size and engaging gaming experience.

Another reason was the emergence of Free Fire content creators that grew out of this sensation.

Many Free Fire YouTubers in India boast a huge fan following due to their skills or their persona. Due to its growing popularity, some Indian Free Fire streamers have breached the barrier of 10 million count.

But many fans still don't have much clue about the Indian Free Fire Youtube Scene.

The following article will enlist the top five Indian Free Fire YouTubers based on Subscribers while also briefly introducing them.

Free Fire on YouTube: Most subscribed Indian Free Fire Streamers

5) Desi Gamers

Desi Gamers (Image via
Desi Gamers (Image via
  • Subscriber: 10.7M
  • Channel views: 1.4B
  • Most popular video: 22M

Ranked at number five, Desi Gamers is owned by Amit Sharma, popularly known as Amit Bhai. The YouTube channel features livestreams, vlogs, reaction videos, and highlights of various games like GTA, Minecraft, Among US and Fall guys. However, Free Fire is the figurehead on Amit Bhai's YouTube channel.

4) Gyan Gaming

Gyan Gaming (Image via
Gyan Gaming (Image via
  • Subscriber: 10.8M
  • Channel views: 1.4B
  • Most popular video: 19M

YouTuber Sujan Mistri, who goes by IGN Gyan Sujan, owns the channel Gyan Gaming and often varies his content between Free Fire gameplays, vlogs, and prank videos.

Gyan Sujan's channel has been present on the platform for more than three and a half years.

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3) Lokesh Gamer

Lokesh Gamer (Image via
Lokesh Gamer (Image via
  • Subscriber: 11.4M
  • Channel views: 987.7M
  • Most popular video: 10M

Another YouTube channel with over 10M subscribers, Lokesh Gamer features reaction videos and Free Fire gameplay montages. Lokesh has a great screen presence, which is visible from his popularity and growing numbers. The YouTuber is also adored for posting hilarious content surrounding the game.

Fans can check out the other channel of Lokesh Gamer, LR7 GAMING, here.

2) A_S Gaming

A_S Gaming (Image via
A_S Gaming (Image via
  • Subscribers: 12.5M
  • Channel views: 1.4B
  • Most popular video: 21M

A_S Gaming is among the top two Indian YouTube Channels that primarily feature Free Fire content. Sahil Rana, the owner of A_S Gaming, uploads at least one video daily and often features funny content from the game, which is why his channel has seen a great upsurge in numbers in recent times.

Apart from A_S Gaming, Sahil Rana owns four other channels, which viewers can check out here.

1) Total Gaming

Total Gaming (Image via
Total Gaming (Image via
  • Subscribers: 26M
  • Channel views: 4.1B
  • Most popular video: 32M

Ajay from Total Gaming can be crowned as the most popular Free Fire Streamer in India due to the mammoth number of subscribers on his channel. Ajay, popularly known as Ajjubhai, posted his oldest Free Fire video back in December 2018 and has grown immensely since then.

The YouTuber sometimes posts multiple videos a day on his Total Gaming channel. The channel features various challenges, gameplay, and hilarious videos across both livestreams and highlights.

Fans can also check out Ajju bhai's other channels here.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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