Top 7 survival tips for beginners in Garena Free Fire

Beginners can follow these tips to survive longer (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Beginners can follow these tips to survive longer (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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Mastering the basics of Free Fire is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hours of gameplay to become decent at the game. Despite putting in so much effort, many beginners still can't make it to the end zones during matches.

With numerous factors to consider, survival can become a daunting task in Free Fire. Regardless, newbies can improve the odds and even secure a Booyah by making it to the end via a few tips.

Improve the odds of surviving in Free Fire by following these simple tips

7) Check the surrounding area before looting air drops


Before running through open terrain to reach that elusive airdrop, it's always a good idea to check the surrounding areas. Opponents sometimes camp nearby, wait for players to arrive at the supply drop, and get a clean headshot elimination.

6) Avoid staying on top of structures that are near high ground


When going to the roof of a structure near high ground, players need to be cautious. If an enemy is on high ground, they will be able to inflict damage. Most of the time, escaping death is easy, but not everyone is that lucky.

5) During the landing phase, don't accelerate diving too early


Accelerating the dive has its uses, but most beginners use it wrongly. They activate it before reaching their drop location, often falling short of the landing zone. To avoid this, gamers should only start it when they are directly above their intended drop location.

4) Always use two different weapon types to conserve ammunition


When selecting a loadout in Free Fire, it's always a good idea to have two different primary weapon types. This will ensure that the ammunition does not fall short or run out entirely.

3) Find mushrooms during the early-game


Finding mushrooms early on will provide a considerable advantage, as users will be able to heal using their EP. This will mitigate the need to constantly heal using medkits during combat.

2) Keep track of the safe zone


During a Free Fire match, it's essential for gamers to keep track of the safe zone. This will enable them to plan their rotations and avoid getting stranded in the storm.

1) Find a vehicle for long rotations


Running to rotate in Free Fire is a viable option. However, using a vehicle is much faster. It also offers some basic protection from projectiles. This keeps players safe and enables them to drive without having to stop and deal with opponents.

Note: The list is in no particular order, and the article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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