Top 7 tips and tricks to win long-ranged fights in Free Fire

Follow these tips and tricks to win long-ranged fights in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips and tricks to win long-ranged fights in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Winning long-range engagements in Free Fire can be a tricky affair. There are numerous parameters to take into consideration, and depending on the situation at hand, players need to react accordingly.

While there are a lot of things to keep in mind, a few are a much higher priority than others. By following a few tips, players will be able to ace every long-range fight with ease and secure eliminations.

Tips and tricks to win long-ranged fights in Free Fire

1) Always aim down sight while firing

Aiming down sight should be second nature to players in-game. It drastically improves the ability to land shots on target, as bullet spread is reduced to a large extent.

While hipfire is a viable option, it's not very accurate at long range, and shots will miss the intended target. This will cause players to waste ammunition and miss out on the opportunity to deal damage to their opponents.

2) Fire in bursts or single shots

In order to make every shot count, players should switch to burst fire or single shot fire during an engagement. This will not only help converse ammunition but will also ensure that players have an easier time landing shots.

3) Find scope attachment

Certain weapons in-game can be fitted with a scope attachment. This allows players to land more accurate shots when scoped in. While it may be difficult to find scopes in-game, players should try and acquire a few for their entire loadout.

Furthermore, using a scope gives players a better view of their opponent. This will make it easier to score kills by shooting headshots only, increasing the player's headshot percentage in Free Fire.

4) Pick weapons that have long-range capabilities

Certain weapons in Free Fire perform better than others. Snipers, Marksman Rifles, and some Assault Rifles have a high range allowing players to land hits on opponents further away.

In essence, players that are able to shoot further can engage a visible target faster. This will not only allow them to gain the upper hand in combat but also enable them to get into a good firing position faster.

5) Try and hit headshots every time

Hitting headshots is a vital requirement to win long-range matches in Free Fire. Landing consistent and constant headshots will damage the enemy at an astonishing rate, allowing players to swiftly get an elimination.

6) High ground advantage

Having a high ground advantage in Free Fire can make a lot of difference during a long-range fight. Players will enjoy better shooting angles, clearer view of the enemy and will be able to spot movement with ease.

7) Use the proper character

Players who prefer long-range combat in Free Fire should always use characters that help reach the end goal. Laura and Maro are, at the moment, the best characters suited for long-range combat.

Laura's 'Sharp Shooter' ability increases the player's accuracy when the weapon is scoped in, while Maro's 'Falcon Ferver' ability allows players to deal more damage from further away.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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