Top 5 underrated Free Fire characters as good as Chrono and Skyler

Underrated but never underestimated (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Underrated but never underestimated (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Matthew Wilkins

When it comes to the top-performing characters in Free Fire, Chrono and Skyler have no equal. They have been used by almost every seasoned player to carry teams to Booyahs.

However, there are some underrated characters in-game who are equally good. Despite players not picking them as often as they should, they are useful in certain situations.


Try out these underrated Free Fire characters in-game

5) Clu


Clu's 'Tracing Steps' ability is powerful when used correctly. It enables her to locate enemies who are not prone or in squat position. However, at the base level, it is rather useless.

As players begin to upgrade her ability, her true potential is unlocked. At the max level, players can locate enemies within a 75-meter radius. The ability stays active for 7.5 seconds, and information is shared with teammates.

4) Xayne


Xayne has a love for the extreme in Free Fire. She goes full throttle or not at all. Due to her unique disposition, she's the perfect character to put to use when things get out of hand.

Her 'Xtreme Encounter' ability temporarily increases her HP by 80. She also gains 40% increased damage against gloo walls and shields. At the max level, the damage done to gloo and shields is increased to 100%.

3) Notora


Notora's love for the open road and burning rubber has turned her passion into a useful ability. Although her uses in-game are rather situational, she is a great character to pick in Free Fire.

Her 'Racer's Blessing' ability is activated when she's driving. It restores 5 HP every 4.5 seconds for all members of the vehicle. At the max level, this increases to 5 HP every two seconds.

2) Rafael


Can't find a silencer attachment in Free Fire? Not a problem. When using Rafael, players won't need one. Years of training as a Master Hitman have enabled him to craft his own version of silencers.

His 'Dead Silent' ability grants players a silencing effect when using snipers and marksman rifles. At the base level, enemies hit and downed will lose HP 20% faster. When maxed out, the bleed out rate increases to 45%.

1) Antonio


Antonio is a seasoned gangster that has a no-nonsense policy. He is ferocious in combat, and going one-on-one with him will end badly. Although he is seldom picked in Free Fire, he is one of the best characters in-game.

His 'Gangster's Spirit' ability grants him bonus HP at the start of the match. At the base level, 10 extra HP is received. When maxed out, the character receives an additional 35 HP.

Note: The list is in no particular order, and the article is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer.

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