Top 5 tips to use snipers efficiently in Free Fire

Follow these tips to use snipers efficiently in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips to use snipers efficiently in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Matthew Wilkins

Snipers in Free Fire play an important role when it comes to combat. They can be used to suppress enemy fire, pin down opponents, or get a long range elimination with ease.

However, before any of these things can be achieved, players must first learn how to use snipers efficiently in-game. While it may take some time to master the use of these weapons, by following a few tips players can begin learning how to snipe better.


How to improve aim and accuracy with a sniper rifle in Free Fire

5) Shoot while aiming down sight for increased accuracy


To be more accurate with sniper rifles in Free Fire, players will have to aim down sight while shooting. This can get a bit overwhelming at times as transitioning from hipfire to ADS will be rather difficult. Nevertheless, players will have to learn how to aim down sight for higher accuracy.

4) Choose the right sniper for the job


There are currently three sniper rifles in Free Fire: AWM, M82B, and KAR98K. In the steady hands of a seasoned player, all of these weapons can be used with lethal precision. However, those learning to snipe or sniping for the first time should use an AWM.

The AWM is a very balanced and versatile sniper. Apart from the stock attachment, the weapon can be fitted with everything else to improve upon its utility in combat. While many may argue that the M82B is better, finding it during a match is next to impossible in most cases.

3) Gain the high ground for better shooting angles


Players should always look for higher ground to get better shooting angles and a clear field of view. This will allow players to engage opponents with ease before they come into effective combat range, enabling the player to get easy kills.

2) Use the emote button for better accuracy


One of the easiest ways to improve sniping capability in Free Free is to utilize the emote button as a crosshair. This simple trick will allow players to gain permanent crosshairs that are highly visible.

To do this, players need to customize their HUD and drag the emote button to the center of the screen. Once done, it will have to be resized and its transparency will have to be increased.

1) Use Laura or Maro to gain a tactical edge in combat


Of all the Free Fire characters, Laura and Maro are by far the best when it comes to providing a combat boost while using snipers. Although both their special abilities are diverse, players using snipers can use them to devastating effect.

Laura's "Sharp Shooter" ability provides a bonus for accuracy, enabling players to land headshots with ease. Maro's "Falcon Fervor" ability increases damage output the further away a player is from the target.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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