Which pet is best in Free Fire after the latest update? (May 2022)

Best pet in Free Fire after the latest update (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best pet in Free Fire after the latest update (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rohit Singh Jaswal

Free Fire is one of the top-rated titles and holds numerous records in the battle royale genre. The game offers HD-quality graphics paired with eye-catching elements. Gamers love to explore these in-game elements like maps, weapons, vehicles, and other items like outfits, characters, and pets.

Pets have become an integral part of players' gaming styles as their skills offer great advantages. There are over 15 different pets based on animals and birds that are available for players to equip and use.

It can become difficult for players to choose which pet has the best skillset and is suitable for them. This article discusses which is the best pet for players to use in the Free Fire title after the latest update.

Why Mr. Waggor is the best pet in Free Fire after the latest update


Mr. Waggor is one of the most preferred pets after the recent update in Free Fire. His skill is called Smooth Gloo. The skill is of great use for Clash Squad mode and other ranked and unranked modes in the game.

ith the help of this skill, players can create a gloo wall grenade if they have less than one gloo wall grenade in their inventory for 120 seconds. Upon upgrading the pet to further upgrade levels, the pet can help the user get a gloo wall grenade every 100 seconds.

At its maximum upgrade level, the pet is capable of producing two gloo wall grenades every 100 seconds. This skill comes in very handy for players who use a lot of gloo wall grenades to get instant cover from their opponents' attacks.

Mr. Waggor is priced at 699 diamonds in the pet store. The pet is also compatible with several characters. Players can match the pet with characters like DJ Alok and Xayne and eliminate their rivals from the battlegrounds.

Skyler is considered to be the most suitable character for Mr. Waggor's pet. Players can regain some part of their HP while using the Skyler character's skill as the pet continues to produce more gloo walls.


However, players can also use other pets with unique skills. For example, Robo can be an incredible help too. Its skill is called Wall Enforcement and helps players add an external shield to the gloo wall. The extra shield increases the gloo wall HP by up to 60 at its initial upgrade level and by 80 HP at the maximum upgrade level.

The pet is priced at 699 diamonds in the store. It is also a significant pet choice for players looking to get a pet for themselves in the battle royale title.

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