Wukong vs Chrono: Which Free Fire character is better for rank push in May 2021?

Comparing the abilities of Wukong and Chrono in Free Fire
Comparing the abilities of Wukong and Chrono in Free Fire

One of the fascinating aspects of playing Free Fire is to push the rank tiers. However, Free Fire offers unique features like characters and pets that help players to use them to their advantage while rank pushing.

Free Fire offers a wide assortment of characters for the players to choose from. Wukong and Chrono are two of the most popular characters possessing powerful abilities in the game.

Hence, this article will compare both their abilities and analyze them to determine which is a better choice for rank pushing.

Analyzing the abilities of Chrono and Wukong in Free Fire


Chrono is a very popular Free Fire character
Chrono is a very popular Free Fire character

Ability: Time Turner

Skill type: Active

Chrono has an active ability called TimeTurner that generates a force field blocking 600 damage from opponents at the initial level (Level 1). While players are inside this force field, they can fire at enemies and cause damage to them.

The movement pace of the players is also improved by 5%, and all the effects last for three seconds. The skill has a long cooldown of 200 seconds.

Time Turner increases the player's movement speed by 15% at its highest level (level 6). The effect lasts for eight seconds, with a 170-second cooldown.


Wukong's ability is one of the most powerful ones in Free Fire
Wukong's ability is one of the most powerful ones in Free Fire

Ability: Camouflage

Skill type: Active

Wukong's Camouflage is an active skill. At its initial level (Level 1), it can convert the player into a bush for 10 seconds. The cooldown for this ability is of 300 seconds.

The camouflage disappears when the player is engaged in combat. However, the cooldown will reset after the player kills an opponent.

At its highest level (level 6), the cooldown time decreases to 200 seconds, and the bush transformation time increases to 15 seconds.

Verdict: Which is better?

Wukong's ability will be a much better choice over Chrono while rank pushing in Free Fire. Though Chrono offers advantages like enhanced movement speed and instant shelter, the cooldown time of the ability is too long. Hence, players are unable to use their abilities frequently.

Therefore, Wukong will be more beneficial with his close-range combat skill, which instantly resets the cooldown period after killing an enemy.

Disclaimer: Choosing a character in Free Fire is entirely up to oneself. Prioritizing one over the other is entirely dependent on his/her playing style.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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