5 best gaming consoles to be released in last two decades

Which is the best gaming console to come out over the last few years? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Which is the best gaming console to come out over the last few years? (Image via Sportskeeda)

In the modern era, there is an ongoing battle over gaming consoles in the face of an ever-increasing collection of powerful gaming PCs. Lowering costs and varied collections of PCs creates a pertinent question of whether gaming consoles are as viable today as they were a decade ago.


However, despite the functionality of gaming rigs, they command a higher price. This has deepened in recent times with the rise in cryptocurrency farming, which employs several devices used in computers. Hence, gaming consoles remain a potent option to enjoy the upcoming games optimally without sacrificing the quality dimension or overspending to get PC parts.

Xbox, PS, Nintendo among best gaming consoles released in new millennium

Gaming consoles, like gaming PCs, have undergone a sea change over the last two decades. Innovations have allowed enterprises to break the known limits of console design and capabilities.

What was once considered a fantasy has now turned into reality for gamers. Based on overall performance and functionality, these are the top five consoles:

  1. Xbox Series X
  2. PlayStation 5
  3. Nintendo Switch
  4. PlayStation 4
  5. Nintendo Wii

5) Nintendo Wii

Release: 2006

Company: Nintendo


When it comes to gaming console wars, the Nintendo Wii may not be as pronounced as its counterparts. But in large part, it did something extraordinary and revolutionary at the same time that no other gaming console in its time did.

The technology used by Wii truly helped do family bonding and social gatherings like no other, as what was dubbed by many detractors as gimmicks were helpful. Features like motion control allow titles to be played differently and are suited to the young and old.

4) PlayStation 4

Release: 2013

Company: Sony


The PlayStation 4 helped Sony gain a firm footing and move ahead of the Xbox. This gaming console was ahead on two fronts — a terrific library of games and an affordable VR headset that worked how it was supposed to.

The PlayStation 4's exclusives continued throughout its lifetime. To date, games have been supported, and with an explosive list of exclusives, the PlayStation led the gaming console market until a new generation arrived.

3) Nintendo Switch

Release: 2017

Company: Nintendo


In the second decade of the new millennium, many believed that Nintendo would go the Sega way — give up on consoles and produce games. The company did the exact opposite, and its Switch is a genius product in hindsight.

A gaming console that doubles up as a handheld device adds flexibility and portability. Nintendo Switch does one thing that no other mainstream gaming console does — play on the go. It may not have got everyone on board at first, but it has come a long way since.

2) PlayStation 5

Release: 2020

Brand: Sony


The PlayStation 5 has revolutionized how gaming is seen and has made the next-generation gaming console war a two-way race. Such has been the impact that it's pretty challenging to have a PS5 in one's hands due to the unimaginable demand.

Despite some issues at launch, Sony has gotten rid of a significant chunk of those problems and added loads of titles. Additionally, the PlayStation 5 is arguably the best-looking gaming console available on the market.

1) Xbox series X

Release: 2020

Brand: Microsoft


There is very little to separate Microsoft's next-generation gaming console from Sony's. However, one area where the Xbox Series X moves ahead is the Game Pass and the significantly better game library in the overall sense.

The Xbox Series X also enjoys flawless backward compatibility, which has always been the case since its launch. It's not the most eye-catching gadget, but who looks at a gaming console and not at what render the console is making instead?

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