CES 2023: What is the new wireless Displace TV? Features, price, release date, and more

Truly wireless Displace TV unveiled at CES 2023 (Images via Displace TV)
Truly wireless Displace TV unveiled at CES 2023 (Images via Displace TV)

CES 2023 (Consumer Electronics Show) introduced numerous intriguing tech products. However, the Displace TV in particular has grabbed the attention of technology enthusiasts, owing to the fact that it innovates on various fronts. It is the first television to be truly wireless and doesn't require external power cables to operate. It is light and will stick to any flat surface conveniently.

The Television, in general, has been through numerous upgrades in recent years. Improvements are often seen in terms of display quality and additional features that enhance the viewing experience. Game-changing innovations were long due as the market had become stale.

Thankfully, the Displace TV introduces much-needed adjustments and an entirely new way of utilising televisions, so things are looking up.

The Displace TV's announced features, pricing, release date, and other details are examined in greater detail in this article.

Everything users need to know about the Displace TV as revealed at CES 2023


Among various intriguing pieces of technology at CES 2023, the Displace TV has caught the eye of numerous users. Only calling it the first totally wireless TV, however, would be an understatement of its caliber given the abundance of other features it offers. Here are all the features of the TV as showcased at CES 2023:

Truly wireless: It is 100% wireless and runs on swappable batteries with no power cables or ports. The battery life is one month, with six hours of daily usage.

Create a TV of any size: This TV's ability to be joined with other Displace TVs to form a larger TV is another intriguing feature. Currently, it enables for the combination of four TVs to create an 8K-resolution 110-inch TV and sixteen TVs to create a 16K-resolution 220-inch TV, where every TV has a 55-inch OLED screen as standard.

Gesture-based Interaction: The TV supports simple and smooth gesture-based control that enables users to operate the device with only hand gestures. That is not all .Voice and touch-based controls are also supported.

Vacuum mount: With its built-in active-loop vacuum technology, the TV can be mounted on any flat surface. The TV is easy to transport from one location to another because it only weighs 20 lbs or less, based on the model.

Price and Release date

The Displace TV is anticipated to cost $2999, as revealed at CES 2023. Although the price feels costly, the TV's many unique features make up for it. The business is currently seeking $299 payments to hold pre-order units.

As for the release date, at the moment, nothing has been specified officially, and is expected to arrive later this year.

This is everything that is currently known about the Displace TV. The way that media is consumed globally is about to undergo a revolution because of this television.

Users are now anticipating the global release of this technical marvel later this year.

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