What budget games to buy during PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale?

Sony PlayStation has store has some great budget picks on the Black Friday sale (Image via PlayStation Europe)
Sony PlayStation has store has some great budget picks on the Black Friday sale (Image via PlayStation Europe)

Black Friday may be on November 26 and is still a couple of days away, but sellers worldwide have already started the Black Friday sale. With many large and small vendors of different items offering great discounts, Sony is not to be left behind, and it has got more than 400 titles on the Black Friday sale on its digital store.

Black Friday Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) Purchases - Thankfully, Sony is not only have physical Black Friday sales with discount on physical games but also on digital games the PlayStation Store. What did I get? #playstation #sony #ps5

While there are great discounts on many games within the Black Friday sale, gamers like to make bargain picks in the budget games section that costs $20 or less. Most of the games mentioned below are absolute steals given their discounted prices and are a must-pick if a gamer hasn't played the game or wants to gift it to a loved one on the occasion of Thanksgiving.

Best budget games to pick up on Black Friday sale from the Sony PlayStation digital store

1) The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

The Last of Us Part II has stirred up enough controversies of its own, but there is no denying the fact that it's a great game. With a 50% discount, the PS4 edition is available at only $19.99 and is an excellent pick from the Black Friday sale.

2) The Elder Scrolls Online (PS4/PS5)

The online extension of the Elder Scrolls series is not devoid of its flaws. The most significant part of the criticism could be its DLC system and its pricing. But players can pick up the base edition on the Black Friday sale for a whopping 70% discount at only $5.99.

3) The Witcher 3 GOTY (PS4)

The Witcher 3 may be an old game by now, but it can be called a benchmark in the genre of RPGs. Dozens of ARPGs may have come out since, but few have come close to just how this epic The Witcher 3. The GOTY edition for PS4 can be picked up for a mammoth 80% discount at only $9.99 on the Black Friday sale.

4) Doom Eternal (PS4/PS5)

There is a different kind of fun in butchering monsters with a larger-than-life shotgun, and Doom Eternal perfectly channels that fun. Doom Eternal's killings won't make sense most of the time, and it's for the good because some things are best enjoyed like a maniac. The standard edition is available in the Black Friday sale for $14.99 at a 75% discount and is available for both generations of consoles.

5) Sid Meier's Civilization VI

For gamers who would instead enjoy their time with complex strategies and outsmarting their opponents, Sid Meier's Civilization VI provides the best opportunity. PS4 owners can pick up the standard edition for only $8.99 in the Black Friday sale.


Outriders had a nightmarish debut, but the developers have come some way since the beginning to improve the product. For those gamers who love to give games another chance, both PS4 and PS5 owners can avail of the 67% discount and get the game from the Black Friday sale at only $19.74.

7) HITMAN 3: Deluxe Pack (PS4/PS5)

As a series, Hitman has delivered unique and top-notch gameplay over the years. It's a shooter, but an incredibly dynamic one as players can try different methods to execute their plans. The Deluxe edition is available under $18 with a 50% discount on the occasion of the Black Friday Sale.

8) Metro Exodus Gold Edition (PS4/PS5)

Can Metro ever get old? There is an odd sense of fun and thrill when exploring the barren lands of the former Soviet Republic with mutated beasts and mad people trying to kill the player in every instance possible. The Black Friday sale has been slapped on the Gold Edition, making it an absolute steal at only $11.99.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar

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