Twitter set to reintroduce Twitter Blue starting at $7; Apple users to be charged higher

Twitter Blue is set to come back after a temporary hiatus (Image via Twitter)
Twitter Blue is set to come back after a temporary hiatus (Image via Twitter)

Much has been said about Twitter Blue and the monetization policies the social media platform has adopted in recent times. Earlier on December 8, the company announced its decision to reduce the price of the premium version. It has also followed a discriminatory pricing policy for Apple users, who will have to shell out $11.

When the service was introduced in 2021, the original monthly charge was set at $3. Anybody wishing to get the premium experience will have to spend $7, which is incidentally a slight reduction. This comes after a short period where the entire service was halted due to some severe issues related to internet trolls.

BREAKING: Twitter Blue will be $7 on the web and $11 for iOS.

Incidentally, the new amount is slightly less than the $8 that Twitter was charging after the takeover by Elon Musk. It was a higher amount than the previous charges, but it came with the facility to get a verified status. The same system was abused by many users who impersonated official accounts and spread spurious posts.

It now remains to be seen if Twitter Blue can perform as intended and what steps will be taken by the team to prevent problems in the past. Accessibility will be another critical area of focus as markets like India are yet to enjoy their full features. While the service comes at a monthly cost, it provides several benefits to subscribers.

It will also be interesting to see how Twitter continues to offer verified status with the relaunch. Many problems have been generated with that, and a reduction in the monthly charge could result from that. What's certain is the intrigue that will be there in the early days after the premium service is restored.

Prospective Twitter Blue subscribers will not be allowed to change their usernames within seven days before signing up for BlueBlue subscribers who change their usernames will temporarily lose their blue badge pending a manual review of the name change.

Moreover, the authority has laid out certain restrictions and guidelines regarding privacy and security. Users will only be able to change their usernames for a certain period of time after taking the subscription. Breaking the rules will lead to a temporary loss of the verified status on their accounts.

Twitter Blue will cost significantly more for all iOs users

While the charge on the web version gets slightly reduced, there needs to be better news for those who use the social media platform on their Apple devices. Once the new pricing model comes in, all Apple (iOS) users will have to pay $11 monthly to enjoy Twitter Blue.

Price change comes to fight Apple's 30% fee for in-app purchases.

This has been done due to the higher percentage Apple charges out of all microtransactions on its devices. While some developers have been forced to make the necessary sacrifices from their revenues, Twitter Blue will follow a different line.

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