Top 5 mechanical keyboard switches to use in 2022

Mechanical keyboard switches are the most essential components of any mechanical keyboard (Image via Dygma Rise)
Mechanical keyboard switches are the most essential components of any mechanical keyboard (Image via Dygma Rise)

Mechanical keyboards are gaining in popularity due to recent trends, and mechanical keyboard switches lead the revolution. Despite having lost their prevalence, mechanical switches, with their useful and versatile nature, have become a go-to asset for professional gamers and other professionals alike.


Until a few years ago, mechanical keyboards used to be expensive and were not preferred over membrane keyboards. However, with the rise of professional gaming, the emphasis shifted to fast and precise keyboards.

With increased demand and greater research came the new mechanical keyboard switches. These switches come in different variants, types, and price points. Buyers today can select and compare keyboard brands before they make a purchasing decision.

5 great mechanical keyboard switches to choose from in 2022

An important point to remember while choosing mechanical switches is to know the purpose of use. While typing can be done with any mechanical switch, certain switches are tailor-made for certain tasks. The budget is another important aspect to consider as well.

In the following list, Cherry MX may be ranked higher than Outemu, but the latter offers significantly cheaper mechanical switches. Out of all the options, five great choices are:

  • Kailh Box Switches
  • Outemu Switches
  • Gateron Switches
  • Razer Switches
  • Cherry MX switches

5) Kailh Box mechanical keyboard switches


Kailh box switches are newer mechanical switches in the market, and they have a unique design element. Originating from China, the Kailh box switches have a box-type protective build surrounding the switches. This feature helps to keep away dirt, dust and other detrimental substances that collect at the bottom of the mechanical switches. This feature makes Kailh box switches very rugged and durable.

4) Outemu mechanical keyboard switches


Suppose there is one clone of the Cherry MX switches that can easily disguise itself. In that case, it would be Outemu mechanical switches. Produced in China, Outemu mechanical keyboard switches are a staple of the budget mechanical keyboard bracket, predominantly in South Asian markets.

Durable and affordable, the Outemu mechanical keyboard switches have helped to bring mechanical keyboards into the hands of many budget gamers. However, mechanical keyboard switches from Outemu are not available in as many variants as the others on this list.

3) Gateron mechanical keyboard switches


Customizable mechanical keyboards are the rage among keyboard hobbyists, and Gateron mechanical keyboard switches lead the charge.

Gateron mechanical keyboard switches provide a solid alternative to Cherry MX without sacrificing quality. Gateron is not widely available outside western markets, but the brand is rapidly expanding to other regions.

2) Razer mechanical keyboard switches


Razer is one of the most famous brands in the computing world, be it for their colorful products or the superior quality.

Razer mechanical keyboards like the Razer Huntsman and the Black Widow come with Razer's mechanical keyboard switches. The switches utilize laser technology, and Razer claims that its switches are 30% faster than traditional mechanical keyboard switches.

1) Cherry MX mehcanical keyboard switches


The magnum opus for mechanical keyboards, German switches from Cherry are the choice of many professional players.

The Cherry MX mechanical keyboard switches come in different variants and are the best mechanical keyboard switches available on the market. However, they are more readily available on more expensive keyboards since Cherry MX switches are costlier than the other variants mentioned here, barring the Razer switches.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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