Which is the best CPU for gaming in 2022?

Intel has always been a frontrunner in the PC gear industry (Image via Intel)
Intel has always been a frontrunner in the PC gear industry (Image via Intel)

Gamers almost always allocate more budget to their GPU than their CPU when building a new PC. This is done based on the myth that the GPU is the main determinant of most games' performance on a PC.

Let's go over why getting the right chipset is just as important as getting your hands on the latest and greatest by Nvidia and what is the best CPU available in the market today.

Which is the best CPU for gamers in March 2022?


The Intel Core I9 12900K is the most powerful CPU available today. This chip's main improvement over the earlier Core processors is the incredible leap in single-threaded performance. This is great news for fans of games like Rainbow Six Siege and Red Dead Redemption, who can finally experience true 4K gaming on PC.

Future proofing is an important aspect of building an expensive PC and the 12900K is designed with that in mind, as the chip's processing power is way beyond the graphic requirements of the most intense games out there.

AMD's dominant resurgence in the mid-range segment may well continue, but with the Alder Lake (the product name of the Intel Core I9 12900K), Intel has solidified its position in the premium CPU segment.

A detailed list of the technical specs is given below:

  • Cores (P+E): 8+8
  • Threads: 24
  • L3 Cache (Smart Cache): 30MB
  • L2 Cache: 14MB
  • Max P-core Turbo frequency (GHz): 5.2
  • Max E-core Turbo frequency (GHz): 3.9
  • P-core base frequency (GHz): 3.2
  • E-core base frequency (GHz): 2.4
  • Unlocked: Yes
  • Graphics: UHD Graphics 770
  • Memory support (up to): DDR5 4800MT/s, DDR4 3200MT/s
  • Processor Base Power (W): 125
  • Maximum Turbo Power (W): 241\
  • Price: $613.96

(Listed price is the best price for the product at the time of writing, prices may vary as per time and region)

Why getting the right CPU is important?


A GPU or Graphics Processing Unit is a component focused on increasing the competency of a device in relation to graphic rendering. A GPU will enhance the pace and quality of all the functions that require graphics to be processed and displayed, including video editing, 3D designing and, of course, gaming.

Most users miss out that the GPU is an add-on component to the processor and many popular games are CPU intensive, with the GPU being an additional performance enhancer. As the chipset provides the core processing power of any device without the ability to process raw data efficiently, an excellent GPU is not particularly useful.

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