Fans react to Tiger Woods’ praise for Homa at Hero World Challenge

The 150th Open - Day One
Max Homa and Tiger Woods at a tournament

Max Homa is part of Tiger Woods' Hero World Challenge. This event is supposed to be a fun event where some of the top golfers in the world will show off their skills to help support Woods' foundation. The best golfers are involved and the host, Woods, is one of the best to ever pick up a club.

At the event, Homa took a swing at one of the events with Tiger Woods watching. He dropped the ball almost perfectly onto the target, which the older golfer recognized as incredibly difficult.

He praised the swing and told his counterparts that he liked it. Homa was given a lot of praise by one of the most successful golfers in history.

That had to be a big moment for Homa. He was a Woods fan growing up and to hear praise from him probably meant the world. Golf fans knew that and reacted to the audio with similar sentiments.

One called it his Red Rider BB Gun.

Another believes he'll save the audio file for eternity.

Another thought the situation could have gone much worse.

It's truly been quite a year for Homa.

He must have felt incredible after hearing the comments from Woods.

No, he wasn't dreaming. The golfer did truly receive praise from his idol.

One Twitter user isn't sure if there's a higher peak in life.

Many commenters noted that Woods didn't see where the ball landed. Instead, he focused only on the swing and commented on that. The ball could have been poorly placed, but Woods knew he put on a nice swing.

Even though Homa has won matches before and played well, this has to be an all-time moment for him.

What did Max Homa say about Tiger Woods?

After the event, the golfer was asked about being praised by his idol.

He said he's been praised before, but it doesn't feel like this:

"It is crazy, at the Open Championship when we played, he came up to me on like the fourth hole and said my swing looked great and I was hitting it really well. That was cool to hear. I think most guys have tried to take something from Tiger's golf swing because it's been so perfect for so many years, so it's very nice to hear that."
The CJ Cup - Round Two
The CJ Cup - Round Two

He continued:

"Any time you're around Tiger, especially since I've turned pro, it's not like he's played a ton of full seasons at least when I was actually on Tour as I've bounced back and forth so many times, so anytime he's around it definitely heightens the excitement of an event."

He finished, noting that he idolized and played the game because of Woods and that his praise is unmatched.

"So to hear a guy that, you know, I look up to and kind of play golf because he made it cool say something nice about me is great," he added.

As Woods transitions to a more part-time role in the PGA Tour, he's still impacting the other golfers in a tremendous way.

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