How did Phil Mickelson lose his KPMG sponsorship? Details of the long-serving deal explored

Phil Mickelson at LIV Golf Invitational - Bedminster - Day One
Phil Mickelson at LIV Golf Invitational - Bedminster - Day One

Phil Mickelson recently lost a major sponsor, KPMG, after he made some controversial comments. This news has been widely discussed in the sports world, especially in articles and reports about golf and athlete sponsorships.

Mickelson had been with KPMG since 2008, but this long partnership came to an end after his words about Saudi Arabia and a new golf league were made public. He talked about the country's human rights issues but said he might join their golf league because it could change the PGA Tour for the better.

KPMG and Mickelson mutually agreed to end the sponsorship right away. KPMG bid adieu to Mickelson with a short statement. Mickelson also apologized on social media for what he said and explained his talks with LIV Golf investments.

The end of this deal was part of a bigger problem for Phil Mickelson. Other companies he worked with also reacted. Some, like Callaway Golf, put their deals on hold, which means they might think about working with him again later.

Mickelson's comments show how important it is for sports stars to be careful about what they say. What they say can affect their deals with sponsors, especially if their words don't match the sponsor's values or the public's opinion.

Image of Phil Mickelson
Image of Phil Mickelson

Why is Phil Mickelson not playing at the World Wide Technology Championship 2023?

Phil Mickelson's absence from the 2023 World Wide Technology Championship has not been explicitly explained in the public domain. However, it is known that Mickelson has had a complex relationship with the PGA Tour, especially since his involvement with the LIV Golf series.

The PGA Tour has strict regulations against gambling, as outlined in its Integrity Program, and has recently taken action by suspending Korn Ferry Tour players for violations.

While Mickelson's non-participation is not directly linked to these suspensions, the PGA Tour's stance on gambling and its recent disciplinary actions suggest a rigorous enforcement of its policies.

Mickelson's engagement with LIV Golf, which is at odds with the PGA Tour, may be a contributing factor to his absence from PGA Tour events, including the World Wide Technology Championship.

The exact reasons for Mickelson not playing in this event remain unspecified in the information provided.

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